7 Best Kids Apps 2020 To Keep Your Kids Busy

Due to COVID 19 issue, smartphone indeed uses an increase in children. Android uses less day today. It is a parenting mistake that gives relaxation to his children to use android for a long time. If parents are strict with children in smartphones using matter, then children focus on study and books. Best Kids Apps 2020 list here.

Best Kids Apps 2020

We are introducing the best apps for children, which is more beneficial for children, including different categories. These apps increase your mind’s creativity. These apps increase children’s imagination power, thinking creatively, and cheerful. Best Kids Apps for Android Device

are following.

ABC Kids

Price: Free

ABC kids are an educational purpose app that is specially designed for children. It’s designed to learn the alphabet and a little bit of writing. In which include upper case and lowercase words. The app interface is reliable and enjoyable, which helps to interest this app for children.

Its installation and design are effortless. It is free, and no advertisement ads show in it. Your children can use them in different ways because it has some features which are related to games.

5 fun ways to help children learn ABC

  • Read the alphabets because mostly student has a high capability for reading
  • Some kids understand the alphabets with the touch experience
  • Eating alphabet snacks to learn alphabets
  • Practice through write alphabets on page


  • Help to increase kids creativity
  • Learn English with practically understanding
  • Learn English with different modes
  • The app interface, graphics, and design is kids friendly
  • Offline usage any android device

Google Play Books

Price: Free / Book costs vary

Google playbooks are the best android application for kids. A large amount of content is set in this app, which increases the understanding capability. User friendly and easy to use for kids.

Content readability is simple. It is free; commonly, if you purchase books, you must pay for it. Other linked features include in it, which is an excellent opportunity.

Google play books are ranked on 9th while amazon is 16th number. Highlight content, notes, academic calendar include in it. Download this book and read offline. Best Kids Apps 2020.


  • Change font, layout, and color
  • Continue reading books when you are not connected with WiFi
  • Library feature available here which define categories
  • 3D page turning effect.

Piano Kids – Music & Song 

You know most children like music and sound. They get fun when playing sounds and music. Piano kids app is the most significant source for lovely entertainment. Children can make different sounds because many features include related sounds.

Piano kids teach your children with instruments and music. Different sounds come when children press button. Children friendly interface of this application. Xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone, and other music sounds available here. The piano is the best kids apps 2020.


  • It is based on 4 different modes
  • Increase thinking, creativity, and imagination power
  • 35+ songs here with different sounds
  • Autoplay mode feature include in it

 Funny Food

Funny food is an educational game for kids. Different puzzles solve this problem and are exciting features in it. Food searching, eating, and making takes your kid’s attention. Combine with other characters. 

Categories divide character with his role. Imagination and ideas increase with exciting characters. Different fruits and vegetables grow here—kids design characters according to his wishes. 

It is free available. The interface is straightforward and easy to understand. It can be run on a PC with blue stacks—application design with high-performance graphics and animation. Million of users are in this world.


  • Children understand the alphabet with food
  • Basic skills strong
  • Sounds effects and lots of character include
  • Increase thinking capability and creativity of kids

Educational Games for Kids

Kids learn about entertainment and games. Install educational apps on your smartphone for kids. Uses fewer resources for running services. It offers various modes to make study with joy. It recommended three years above children.

When your child starts a journey in education at the beginning, the excitement increases step by step. Best Kids Apps 2020 For Android. Kids take an interest in the study. New concepts and challenges discover. Kids enjoy education games. Focus on hand learning activities. Appreciate your child for motivation in the learning process.


  • Learn new concept and objects from this
  • Learn about numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, etc.
  • User-friendly and reliable application.
  • Easy to understand and simple readability.

 Kids Computer

Kids’ computer is the best educational app for android. It is the same as the computer, and the interface is related to the computer. Funny features and interface are more attractive. It is compatible with tablets and phones.

Free of cost is available for installation. Many languages include in it, such as Spanish, English, and others. It introduces a new language concept for children in real life. Provides a lot of learning capabilities without any stress. Best Kids Apps 2020 For Android .


  • Draw the alphabet in different colors.
  • Include different games, music, and sound.
  • Many other languages include in it.
  • Suitable for 4-8 years old children.

Alphabet for Kids ABC Learning – English

Ib educational environment learns alphabets and fundamentals with attention. It is specially designed for kids. Alphabet for kids learning is a broad platform were kids’ creativity increase automatically.

Alphabet for kids learning is free available on the play store. Now you can download and install it. This app is entirely attractive and has a different theme, which is more interesting. Million of kids like this app. Games mode available in it, which is a more exciting feature.

Kids learn to write the alphabet through this application. It is full of fun and entertainment. Best Kids Apps 2020 For Android.


  • Colorful education app which is helpful for children to learn the alphabets
  • ABC tracking and alphabet matching etc
  • Upper case and lower case letters with different colors
  • Lots of fun and activities include in it.

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