Best free Android emulators for PC and Mac 2021 available

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Emulators use for a different purpose in the digital world. Developers use emulators for testing. Gamers use emulators on PC for gaming. It uses for productivity purposes.

Emulators help to run android on PC. Gamers use for a professional purpose. Use tricks and instructions to increase the gaming experience. Best android emulator for PC free downloads help to use apps on PC.

Best free Android emulators for PC and Mac 2021 available

Gamers and developers use emulators for testing. You can easily test your app performance. Android studio is the most popular emulator. Developers use the studio for coding and develop the app. Best android emulators for windows, PC, and MAc in 2021 help to manage your apps on a computer.

Emulators increase functionality and performance. Necessary software and apps can easily run through emulators. It helps to run android apps on PC.
The best android emulators for PC and MAC in 2021 are listed here.


LD player is a popular emulator for gaming. Its features and design are user-friendly. LDplayer increase gaming performance and experience. It supports keyboard mapping control and graphical support.

It supports popular games. Such as free fire, black desert mobile, mobile legends clash of clans, etc. This emulator is compatible with all popular games. LDplayer is user trusted android gaming platform for PC in 2021.

It offers many other features for users. Now you can run the game using three different accounts. Its installation process is too easy. Don’t need to register for LDplayer . The auto-update option is included in LDplayer.

It offers a fully customizable control mapping system. You can use a keyboard and mouse for external controls. It has high resolution and advanced graphics. It is the best android emulator for windows 10 in 2021.


Record videos of your games with the capture tool.

High-performance graphics use in it.

It provides 3D results.

Control with keyboard and mouse

Android Studio

Android Studio is a popular development platform. It has advanced tools and features to help developers. It helps to develop apps and games. Android Studio is specially designed for android work.

It is the best emulator to test your game or app. Its working is fast and high performance. Millions of developers use this emulator for development. Lots of features available in android studio.

Android studio provides fast tools for build apps and games. It provides a unified environment. Structured allow dividing functionality into parts. You can easily test and run your app.

It is the best platform for beginners. The GUI is user friendly and easily understandable. It is free available for everyone. You can download it and easy to install it on a laptop/computer.


Free available for everyone

Supports different languages and tools

Provide advanced features for developers

Easy to download and install


Bluestack is a trending and popular emulator. Its interface is simple and reliable. It is compatible with android and MAC. Most gamers also like bluestacks.

Its performance and working capability are fast. Auto-updates option available right now. It is best for experts and beginners. Bluestack is free from errors and bugs.

Many Android emulators are available on the internet. But it is well good as compared to others. You can control it through a mouse and keyboard. It is a helpful feature for gamers and developers.

It is fully supported with all apps and games. You can use full android on PC/Laptop. It is safe in any system from malware attacks. It is free available for you. You get advanced features in the subscription.

Its download and installation process is easy. Your system can be slow. Because pressure increase on CPU and ram. It is the fastest android emulator for PC and MAC in 2021.


Compatible with your system

Control through keyboard and mouse

Free available

Customize features


Gameloop is specially designed for gamers. It is also known as Tencent emulator. It supported all popular games. Such as call of duty, PUBG mobile, and many others. It is also used for app testing. Gameloop is the best android emulator for PC free download.

You can control it with a keyboard and mouse. It is a trending gaming emulator in 2021. Their function reflects new visitors. Gameloop working and designing is outstanding. Now it also supports web and PC games.

Gaming experience increase through gameloop. It increases the attraction between users and systems. It is safe from viruses and malware. Scan options available here to scan files. Gameloop is free Android emulators for PC and Mac 2021.

Gameloop functions are simple and easy to use. Every new person can easily manage this platform. It reduces the gamer’s difficulties. Your system specification is necessary to good.


Best for gaming

Free from viruses

Used for app testing

Available in different languages


Genymotion emulator is mostly used for testing. Developers used for apps and games testing. It gives an idea about weaknesses and bugs. This emulator is compatible with various devices. It is suitable for all the latest versions.

A switching option is available between virtual devices. It is also available for the cloud. Its performance and working are better than others. Genymotion is a free Android emulators for PC and Mac 2021.

You can play favorite games and run apps on a desktop. The interface is simple and easy to use. Genymotion is tested and free from viruses. You can play PUBG through a genymotion emulator.

Now you can download and install genymotion for windows and MAC. It is free available on market. Simple and easy to use for beginners. It provides a virtual environment on your computer. You cannot face any issue in genymotion.


Play PUBG with genymotion

Compatible with all versions

100% secure from errors

Provide virtual environment


Phoenix OS is a new android emulator in the market. It is trending these days. Most gamers like Phoenix these days. This OS increases gamer’s experience. It works pretty well as compared to others.

Phoenix is a modern emulator. It is run on the latest android version. It is freely available for users. You can download and install it from its official website. The installation process is very easy. This is a user-friendly emulator in the digital world.

You can joy mobile games and apps on a PC. New features are enhanced in the new emulator. Phoenix OS is the best option for PUBG. But you can’t record games in Phoenix if you have a low specification PC.

This OS is safe and secure from malware attacks. It is already tested with antivirus software. It is supported with unlimited apps. The user interface is simple and easy to use. The best option for experts.


Good for gaming

Simple installing process

Allows multiple windows

Support keyboard shortcuts


Nox is a free android emulator for users. Its features and function are more attractive. This emulator is best for gamers. It has key-mapping, external keyboard control, and map-gesture control. The function can be customized in different ways.

You can use it without hardware support. Gestures help to manage this emulator. It is the best feature without cost and reduces hardware issues. Developers use it to detect errors apps or games. It is a free Android emulators for PC and Mac 2021.

It provides superior performance and more stable support. You can play games on PC with android 7. In minimum time you can become a pro gamer with NoxPlayer. Most users in the world choose this emulator to play games.

You can play games and chat at the same time. It is a really helpful tool for developers and gamers. It is safe and secure different issues. The installation process is easy. It is compatible with your device.


It is safe and secure

Best for play games

Support map-gesture control

Best for beginners

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