How to Make Android Faster With 7 ways

How to Make Android Faster With 7 ways

Everyone was to increase android performance for quick results. New, android phones come in the market with new latest functions. Speed improves in the new version. Android has the best selling operating system worldwide with 3.1 million monthly active users. Mobile OS is to be lighter and faster to keep up with our needs. Android device-related as a system. Make android faster with 7 ways which explain the following;

Android app can be affected by android performance. We can see the third party of launchers in the play store, most apps are speed optimized. Apps must be installed with official software.

Update Android OS & Apps

Update the android system is very important for better performance. The updated mechanism improves and security. The new release of the android system brings great improvements. All functions and its process will be different.

Everyone knows that the new updated version of the android system fixes the error & bugs. It increases performance. Android refers to must update the device daily or in a week.

Current version

The current version of android is 10. Most cellphone provides facility to give notification when an update comes. Depending on your phone process may be different on updated. If you don’t receive the notification, check updates in your setting.

Update apps from google play. Developers remove the bugs and fix errors in updated apps. It increases the security mechanism. Updated apps better and faster from previous ones.Android faster with 7 ways helful to increase performance.

Avoid live wallpapers and animations

Most person like attractive live wallpapers for the android system. The different phone has live wallpapers functionality. But its impact is bad because battery life decrease from this. CPU cycles increase with live wallpapers. Live wallpapers continuous running on the screen. As a result devices becoming low and processing power decrease.

Live wallpapers decrease battery life in two ways. First, live wallpapers display on screen and ram processing increases due to this. Power consumption loss when live wallpaper or background run on screen. The system continuous works on this. Second, Live wallpapers change with every second. So it bad effects on it.


Black wallpapers save battery life. Many users use black wallpapers to maintain system functionality. It increases the system’s life. The AMOLED display generally used these days, it uses less consuming power. Because when displaying a black screen it saves a lot of power consumption. So it is better for LCD.

90% have a liquid crystal display (LCD). Crystal does not matter which color be display. LCD does not concern power saving if colored wallpaper used.

Unnecessary apps remove

We installed applications to gain benefits. Every app takes storage and space. But unwanted apps slower our phone performance. Some apps installed and use one time but no more use again. So it is not necessary for our and uninstalled for maintainability android device.

Only those apps installed which common used on your work.

Disable some apps which no longer use. Its mean app doesn’t run on background. Some apps can be harmful to your phone. Its effect on your phone security. Only authentic apps installed on your android.

Clear cached data

When we use any sites , apps , or other behaviors, specific location defines in this criteria where we can quick access some data. Cached data is automatic created and it is not important. Clearing of cache data is harmless for any device. Cached memory is temporary memory.

Clear cache is important for your phone. It increases the functionality of the system and its speed. You can remove cached data individually. Cached memory accessed very quick.

User experience

IT increases the user experience. Continuous clear cache is not a solution because when you reopened website it cycle will continue.

When you cleared cache memory some storage free in the device. Other more data can be saved from this place.

So keep safe and protect your device from harmful threats.

Maintain internal storage

Every android device have storage for data and other apps. But it is not enough for android devices. If storage is full then system speed is very slow and functions not performed quick.

Make android faster with 7 ways

We used memory cards to maintain system performance. It is the storage space of your device. Memory cards have different storage capacities. We can use 1 GB to 64 GB to perform operations.


Music, videos, movies, etc stored in the device but large files must keep in external storage the same as SD card. Because this storage mechanism does not affect system performance.

Generally, the RAM management system is strong in the device. But when storage is full then ram cycles increase as a result system slows down.

Security mechanism strong

Security is a big issue in android devices.Don’t click on links or open attachment from an unknown sender. Many files can be harmful and enter unnecessary files in the device. Many files cannot be remove easily and spread in different files. It breaches our files.

Make android faster with 7 ways

Updates your device with the latest security path & safe from unwanted attacks. You have a must idea about your device’s drawbacks and specifications. Uninstall apps that you consider can be harmful. Android faster with 7 ways explain here to update the android device.

Stop Syncing

Make android faster with 7 ways

It is a good feature that occurs in your data with Google servers. Sync gives you a notification when new apps update. When your apps sync something happens. Apps in which Gmail, Twitter, calendar, refresh to offer the latest information. This is must if you cannot afford to miss important information. But also takes a toll on battery life.

Go to Settings > Google account and turn off auto-sync for apps you don’t need continuous updated. Android faster with 7 ways helpful to maintain working android.

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