8 hot apps for your android 2021
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8 hot apps for your android 2021

Android apps make life so easier. Every task performs through apps. Every type of category apps available on the play store. We explain here 8 hot apps for your android handset in 2021.

8 hot apps for your android 2021

Brave Privacy Browser

Brave Privacy Browser is a secure and popular browser. Protect your private information on the internet. It is free of errors and bugs. Different features available in it to stop ads, pop-ups, etc. It blocked third-party cookies. Implement HTTPS on every extension and function for security.

Brave privacy browser is free and safe from unauthorized access. It is the best AdBlock privacy browser for android these days. Page loading time is fast from other browsers. It is syncing bookmarks securely and fast. IT is the best web browser for 2021.


Safe, private browsing

Block third party cookies

Free protection web browsers

Private internet browsers with pop up blocked


Many peoples want to learn other languages. Duolingo is the best platform for this opportunity. If you are looking to learn a different language, install the Duolingo app, and enjoy it. It is an interesting and attractive app for users. Duolingo is a popular guide in the world.

When you start to use this app, new features introduce with practice. It supports multiple international languages. A million learners use this app in the world. Learning goal achieves in minimum time if you work hard. It is the best language learning apps in 2021.


Fun characters

Free App

Improved grammar skills

Multiple language support

Google Translate

The majority of peoples fear communicating in another language. You faced any people in everyday life. Google translate is the best app to improve these skills. You can talk in any language everywhere. It supports 103+ language.

Google translate helps to translate in any language. It is a user-friendly app with an attractive layout. You can use this app when the internet is not available. It is the best and free app. In which images can convert into text. Google translate is helpful for content writers. It is the best translator app for the android device in 2021.


Support 103+ language

Offline usage

Image convert in text

60 offline language support


Snapchat is a popular app for quickly snap and exchange photos. At the same time, share with many friends. It also supports video support. Voice and video calling features available in it. Mostly it is used as fun because you can share effects or lenses with others.

It develops with American technology. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Million of people enjoy this app. It is most popular in the young generation. Attracts people from modern technology. It gives a quick and fast response. It is included in Hot new android apps.


New camera kit

Story replies

Voice and video calls

The story

chat etc.


WhatsApp is commonly used in daily life. It is used for different purposes. The latest features include in this app. Chats, audio, and video calling features include in it. You can share any data from it. We can communicate anywhere at any place. It is included in Trending android apps right now on google play store.

The user interface is easily understood able. It is safe from unauthorized access. Privacy is an important factor in the internet world. The dark and light mode option is put in it. Face to face communication without any hurdles. Instantly share your thought ideas and suggestion in the form of groups. It is the best free call app for android in 2021.


Audio and video calls

Send documents files

Free available

Compatible with all devices

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is an American meal kit service. It operates in the united state to provide assistance. It is a popular guide in the united state to cook. Blue Apron is a fast delivery service that minimizes your valuable time. It is free from errors and bugs with a simple function. IT is Hot android apps from the UK and US.

Manage your account to gain facility. Prices of anything is under budget in Blue Apron. Here you can cancel your order without charges deduction. You can cancel your membership after using the free trial. It is a popular app in the US. You must try it if the cost is under budget. IT is the best grocery shopping list apps.


Free delivery

Fit your schedule

Fresh foods

Cancel order without charges


Bandcamp is a popular music app. It is a top-listed market place where old and current music is available. It is a live streaming platform. Now Bandcamp also shops for digital merch. Artists can sell and promote harmony. It even sells physical copies such as vinyl etc.

Fans can get unlimited streaming material. Once buy an album and make money from it. Music is the best entertaining source. Now Install this app and click on signup to register yourself. Bandcamp is secure using the TLS encryption method. It is the best free music apps for android & IOS.


Promote your music

Money platform

Stream your music free

Create scarcity


LiveXLive is a music platform where you can listen to everything which you want. Multiple channels and playlists add to it. In the US and Canada, it provides an audio-video streaming service. The latest features include in it. Alerts option is available for upcoming events. Hundred of live stations add in LiveXLive.

Premium live concerts and festivals stream here. It is free available for android and IOS devices. Xlive is the best audio & video sound quality. Here you can discover new favorites video streams around the world. GUI is simple and easy to use. It is a secure app from malware. It is a hot app in the USA and Canada.


Ad-free listening

Maximum audio quality

Unlimited skips

Play millions of songs and albums on-demand

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