best adventure games for android free download in 2021

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Adventure games are the most popular in the world. Millions of users play this game for fun and entertainment. If you are looking best free adventure games for android in 2021, you are in right place.

best adventure games for android free download in 2021

The 5 Best Adventure Games for Android Device in 2021 are following.

Jungle Adventure 2

Jungle experience is the best option for beginners who want to increase experience in the jungle. It is free available for everyone. This game is compatible with all devices. It is based on fruit animation.

Addu is the main character. This is to try to save all fruits in the jungle. Jungle adventure provides a stunning story for users. Its interface is simple and easy to use. Its level is full of fun and entertainment.

You can choose different characters to play. Addu can jump and throw stones. He can try to save himself. He can face army enemies which are dangerous monsters. It is included in Top free Adventure games for Android in 2021.


High and simple graphics use

Levels are up to 60

Simple and easy to play

Explore the jungle for the amazing game


Swordigo is a popular and most playing game in the world. It is best for beginners and experts. Here you can face hard paths. It has many customizable functions. It is simple and easy to play.

High graphics use in swordigo for interesting. Millions of users playing this game in the world. You can explore its magical features. You can protect yourself with powerful weapons and guns.

Swordigo provides a feature that can defeat your enemies through a location. It is a completely side scrolling action-adventure game in the digital world. Through an emulator, you can install this game on a PC.


Simple and easy to install

Customize the different features and functions

You can get high weapons and guns

It is full of fun.

Compatible with your device.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the best adventure game in 2021. If you are looking most desirable game, harry potter is the best option. You can choose your story for free. It is compatible with your device.

Its installation process is very easy. Harry potter’s functions and features are more interesting and attractive. You can customize different options with the requirement. It is included in the top Best Offline adventure games for android 2021.

Harry Potter provides the latest characters and tons of magic. It provides magical sound effects to increase entertainment. Highly graphics use to design these characters. It is the best free open-world game for android 2021.


Amazing sound effects

Free for everyone

Introduce new friends worldwide

It has Romance and love features

Criminal Case

Criminal Case is full of twists and puzzles. Here you can find different types of criminal activities. It is full of action. You can choose different characters such as forensic team, detection team, and murder investigation.

You can try to find evidence of murder. It is a more interesting feature in a criminal case. Millions of youngsters like this game and enjoy its features. You can investigate criminal activities in the city.

You can increase entertainment with friends and groups. It is free available for everyone. Now you can download install without pay subscription charges. If you buy a subscription, advanced features get from criminal cases.

Strictly following terms and conditions for play this game. If you want to run on PC, install bluestacks and run on PC. Internet connection requires to play this game.


Investigate criminals

Full with puzzle

300+ cases and characters available

Simple and easy to play

Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is the best android adventure game in 2021. Which include 3D fighter, trading card, and hack-slash features. The graphical user interface is very attractive. It will increase your experience and gaming capability.

It is free from errors and bugs. You can control this game with external hardware. In the free version, you can get basic features to play this game. If you get a subscription, you can get advanced features. Evolands are the best adventure games for android free download.

It is the sequel to evoland. In this game, you can found amazing characters. Simple and easy to play. It is best for beginners and experts. It is the Best Adventure Games for Android Offline in 2021.


Available 3D fighter

GUI is attractive

Highly graphics use in it

Get physical controller

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