7 best android apps available for 2021
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7 best android apps available for 2021

Best android apps are trending these days. Every person can download and install these apps now. There are so many android apps available on the play store, but it is the most useful apps. 7 best android apps available for 2021 are following for your knowledge.

7 best android apps available for 2021

Continuously update these apps and free from errors and bugs. Best new android apps help to use your smartphone with modern technology. 7 best android apps available for 2021 in November following here.


1Weather is the best android weather app. These apps get most of the data from the national weather service. Collect data from multiple weather stations. It is the best free weather apps for android phones. Its design is simple and easy to understand. It shows you the current weather and forecasts for up to 12 weeks.

1Weather app provides customizable features and a favorite option. You can use the favorite widget to save information at your fingertips. It includes information about storms and radar. Many other features include in it, which make a more interesting app. 1Weather is the best android weather app in 2021.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand. It is the most popular app in the world. In the free version, all features about weather work with advertising. Remove ads in 2$ from the 1Weather app. Get accurate information every minute. It is the best weather widget app.


Provide accurate information about weather, storm, and radar

Get updates every minute about the weather.

The favorite widget option is available.

Free app with simple GUI

Google assistant

Google assistant is the most popular app. It works for android devices. It is known as artificial intelligence. Use for mobile devices and smart home devices. To get started, google assistant download and enable it. Get a solution to your problem from google assistant. Ask about everything which you want from this source.

Find a quick answer to your question and stay up to date with discovery. Get updates about sports, news, events, movies, etc. Get information about your interest and hobbies. Live sports updates, movie times, and stock information get from google assistant.

Google Assistant is free. No monthly fee for google home. It is compatible with all devices. Use voice commands and typing to get relevant results. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. Thousands of visitors use this app daily. With bluestack, use this app on PC.


Work with voice and type commands both

Find the solution to every problem.

Use for smart home devices.

Available free of cost

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a Password Manager that stores passwords online. It saves your passwords with login credentials in a secure mode. Lastpass is safe, secure, and easy o use. It uses AES 256 bit encryption method to secure all passwords. Multilayers use for high security. It is the best password manager for 2020.

The graphical interface is simple. You can access all passwords in the left navigation. Access your stored data quickly. Password manager creates with email and strong password generate a unique encryption key. If you forgot the master password, you could use the recovery method. LastPass Password Manager on the app store is secure and fast. These are the 7 best android apps available for 2021.

You can use LastPass on all your devices in which phones, tablets, and personal computers. Its limit is 50 to save passwords. Password sharing allows only 5 accounts. Save all type passwords securely, such as credit card numbers, master cards, and insurance card numbers. Lastpass passwords store in the cloud.


Save all type of password with the encryption method.

Recovery method uses if you forgot password.

Safely share passwords with others.

Create a password in one click with a password generator

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is a popular customizable and versatile home screen replacement. Screen options change from this app. Customize your screen features according to requirements. Provide user-friendly gadgets at the home screen. New features include passage time.

Different theme options support the nova launcher—thousands of supported themes available on the play store. The page effects, scrolling, and card options are known in features. Provide backup facility, icons, and restore screen setups—all customization elements for the home screen single here.

If you purchased a premium pack, you could get gestures, swipe, and unread count badges control options. It is safe from unauthorized access and free from error and bugs. It will not drain the battery, but widgets can be affected by the storm. Compatible with all devices and easy to use. Nova launcher make phones faster.


Multiple theme options provide

Provide gestures, swipe and scrolling options

Backup and restore facility.

Night mode and dark theme options

Pulse SMS

Pulse is the ultimate text messenger for android. It is a great SMS app. It supports lots of features such as Gifs, theming, password options and dual sim support, etc. Your conversion is protected from hackers or unauthorized access through the encryption method.

The android message is also the same as pulse SMS. Both apps offer from your desktop. One time subscription charges are 10$ pf pulse SMS. While the android message is free but its have fewer features than pulse SMS. In both apps, you can access SMS from everywhere at any time. These are the 7 best android apps available for 2021.

All messages are end to end encrypted between your phone and its servers. It’s designed by Google, especially for smartphones. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. Pulse is a fully open-source app. In the subscription package, you can use this app without ads.


Dual-sim support

Share Gifs with your messages

The conversation is safe from hackers

Blacklist pesky spammers

end-to-end encryption


TickTick is a platform and collaborative to-do lists app. with the latest features to get a working method. It is the same as to-do lists. It covers many tasks, reminders, pushes, notifications, and many other categories. 

TickTick is secure from remote authorized access. All details save in encrypted form in which personal name, account data, account information, and payment details. It offers some free accounts. If you purchased a premium package, you could get more features such as calendar views, more tasks, subtask, smart list, and reminders.

TickTick design is simple and easy to use—this app help to achieve your future goals. Your ideas and projects share with colleagues and friends. Achieve your task with a proper plan. Through this app, achieve your goals efficiently.


Make a checklist and notes.

Attach photos, records, and other files

Best way to achieve your goal

Easy to use

Microsoft swiftkey

Microsoft swiftkey is a popular application. It has the most powerful and customizable options. Millions of users use this app in the world. Many other keyboard apps available on the play store, but it is the most downloaded app. It is specially designed for android and IOS. The release date of this app is July 2010. Swiftkey has an issue at the start, but the passage of time removes errors and bugs from this app.

Swift key supports multiple languages and gesture typing, syncing of your library, and much more. Different emoji options provide and share your right reactions with friends. You can send emojis, GIFs, and more other reactions.

The graphical user interface is very simple. It is compatible with all android devices. Now it is free from errors and bugs. These are the 7 best android apps available for 2021.


Easy to use

Support multiple languages

Share with friends your reactions

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