10 best customization apps for android 2020
By Naveed

10 best customization apps for android 2020

In this article, I will explain the best customization apps for android. In this modern world, android phones are very famous. Everyone wants to increase the customization of their phone. Android provides an excellent feature to its customer. 

We all love free things, particularly in the case of open applications. Free apps are perfect because we don’t have to buy it and can use the utilities free of cost. There are the best android customization apps 2019 2020.

Volume Styles 

There are many customization apps for android, but Volume styles are a fantastic app. Volume Style is a nifty slight application. You may change the design of your slider using this program, and the beautiful thing is not that you need heart.

With the help of this App, everyone can choose between different OSes of many brands. E.g., Xiaomi, Oneplus, Samsung, etc. There are many customization options for the volume panel, but using this App, you can change the colour, size, and other features.

Users can download this App from Google and play store without any cost. It is free of cost


Volume styles allow you to completely adjust the volume panel and the sliders of your handset.

Color changes apply to various subjects like iOS & MIUI, position changes, and more! You’ve got complete leverage.

 You can add additional shortcuts in the volume panel and change the luminosity to speed up the access.


If you like to customize your android phone, install this wallpaper app. It is the best android customization app. This App increases the beauty of your phone. This well-established App has the biggest storge over 100,000 images. But everyone can find an image easily because of its categories. 

You can see the quality of the image when you use them as wallpaper. This App provides natural search features, and the photo gallery is continually gathered around various themes, curated by the team at Unsplash. 

Applying fresh wallpaper only takes a couple of taps. You can download this App from the play store without any problem. It is avail without any cost.


 This App offers a simple search function, and the photo gallery is always organized by the team in Unsplash and organize around various themes.

This App provides a fresh image and quality image


Customized Pixel Launcher 

There are various types of android app which use to customize an android phone. Pixel launcher is an essential App for android phones. The second version is a custom Pixel Launcher. It is important customization apps for android.

It is also known as just Customize Pixel Launcher, but it has many extra features from the old version. There are many rootless launchers, but you can’t differentiate with CPL. When you use them, then you will notice that it is better than others. 

CPL has a range of features including home screen & app drawing grids, animation scaling, window padding, thematic options such as the support for icon set, adaptive background icons.

This App covered the overall customization feature, so we include it in our customized app list. This App is accessible on the play store and Google. Everyone can download this App easily without any fee.


CPL has all functions such as home screen and app drawer maps, motion scaling, display balancing options such as icon pack support, background icons adaptive, UI theme set (light&dark), etc. CPL has all functions.

Of example, it also supports Google search, an ice overlay, and contact points


AppNotifier is an excellent customization app for android, which manages the notification. We all have difficulties receiving messages for many applications such as those that we do not receive information about the emails that each time we miss important things.

This is useful for people who use headphones to avoid noise and keep their phones in a vibrating mood. This App provides the facility of notification. We can check everything using notifications like calls, messages, etc.

It alerts you with reminders about download and changes to stop skipping the essential items. This App can be download from the play store. It is very helpful customization apps for android.


 AppNotifier notifies any application installed on your smartphone. 

 This software prevents you from unauthorized use of GPS-tracking or surveillance programs. 

 It can also use as an installed device for parental control.

Nova Launcher

If you want to find a customization app for your android phone, Nova launcher is best. Launcher apps customizing your Android phone. you can use alter wallpaper, icons, menus, and more with just a few tips. 

There is a most excellent feature of nova launcher like a hidden folder, swap action on the App,double-tap lock, smooth scrolling, add the app drawer tabs, changing the scrolling orientation, and use night mode. With the help of this feature, you can more customize your phone.

There are Some of the more regular features, like notification and gesture customizations. Everyone can download this App from the play store in just a few minutes with a $4.99 fee.


 Do double duty with swipe acts to render the home screen icons

 Create Home Screen shortcuts for anything

 Home Button Beef Up Your Phone

 Automatically move your home display to “Night Mode”.

Tile Shortcuts 

Tile shortcuts app is a popular customization app. This App works for Android users as a cuddle on your cake. This superb App allows you to add a tile shortcut to any central app, URL or other items that are added on your screen as a shortcut.

Each alternative is substituted in a different position that named the note screen. The screen bar contains all other options. Color, size, shape, etc. can be customized. This App is entirely free; anyone can download from the play store.


In a single location called a control panel, every shortcut must override the shortcut.

This App also provides customize colour, size, shape, etc. 

Super Status Bar 

Super Status Bar is an excellent customization app. With the help of this App, you can modify the look of your status bar and add some additional features. Through this App, you can adjust the brightness of your screen.

With this App, you operate your phone efficiently. If you want to use the best feature of this App, you will need to buy a paid version of this App. You can download from the play store. You can download it easily.


Super Status Bar brings essential changes such as gestures, feedback views, and electric light & volume adjustments to the status bar.

Everything about the App and its changes can be fully personalized, and it is easy to change items as you wish. The designs in iOS 13, MIUI 11, and Android Q will also add.


It is a secure app and increases the customization of your android phone. Provides the facility that you can hide your photos. It gives the best encryption support to protect your photos and secure them. Files such as the records and other data can be securely authenticated. 

It derives with a good photo editor and video editor built-in, and It is our go-to gallery app now, and we do mention it. You can download this App from the play store without a fee. Make sure to give it a try and tell us to know in the comments. 


Hide photos and videos. 

Mode Password: Pin, Templates, Fingerprint. 

Set up your pictures/videos. 

Watch enormous images and various photographs and videos


Navbar Apps is the best customization app. And it is an easy way to customize. Android. It provides the facility alterations of the colour, theme, and style of your navigation bar.

If you want to increase the customization of your android phone, you should download this App. This App provides a good theme like Garfield, watermelons, and other things. More It also switches the navbar colours of every program you launch.

You can use the most significant feature of this App for free. It is available on Google play store. 


You may also attach additional features to the three conventional keys. Its main attraction is that you don’t have to root your device to work.

 It provides modifications to the navigation bar’s color, topic, and theme.


In this modern world, most people used android phones. Because android provides a high-quality feature and best graphical user interface. Anyone can use this phone easily. We have explained the app customization in this article.

Most people want to increase the customization of their android phones. The above App provides the facility to improve the customization of your android. All these apps are available on the play store and Google. Everyone can download these apps easily.

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