7 best android emulator 2021 for PC and MAC
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7 best android emulator 2021 for PC and MAC

Now these days trending android runs on PC. All in one emulator android are explain in this article. Many user-friendly emulators are available now. You can take many benefits from emulators. 7 best android emulator 2021 trending and more usage in these days.

Gaming players want to play games on PC. Emulators provide this facility for entertainment. Hundred+ android games are available on the play store. Except gaming, you can many other functions perform on PC through emulators.

All android emulators in which lightweight or massive emulators have different Services. The 7 best android emulators 2021 for PC and MAC explain here,

Blue stack

7 best android emulator 2021 for PC and MAC

Blue stack is a famous android emulator in the world. Basic features are free. It is supportable for PC and MAC. You can use android services in your PC with bluestacks. It is trendy for gaming. Android applications use in PC or MAC. All types of system hardware support it.

Some games in android phones decrease battery time. Highly graphics and function use in it. So you can perform all gaming functions in PC. It is secure from malware attacks. It always downloads from the original website.

Current bluestacks version 7.1.2. The paid version provides many advanced features. Its usage gradually increases day today. It controls many graphics features that give better performance. The installation process is simple.


It is suitable for every computer/laptop.

Lightweight games can easily play this.

Its run on a PC or MAC.

Installation Requirement

2 GB ram

 4 GB hard storage

 1.7 intel or AMD processor


7 best android emulator 2021 for PC and MAC

Gameloop is a high-quality android emulator. It develops for gaming players who play games on PC. The game loop emulator is best if you install an emulator for PUBG and other all popular games. The PC game is very interested as compared to android mobile.

It is secure from malware attacks. Use game loop emulators, players’ experience automatically increases in gamin. Provides excellent hardware support, which decreases the problems when using emulators. It is also called tecent gaming. It is free available. Playstore support already gets this game. 

Its features are not as complicated as other emulators. It is not run on MAC os. Some apps do not support this emulator. All graphics and customization standard is dynamic in the emulator.


Live stream feature is available in-game loop emulator.

Optimize some features easily in it.

It is also called a PUBG emulator.

Installation requirement

2.8 GHz processor

 4 Gb ram

 1.7 Gb hard storage

LD player

7 best android emulator 2021 for PC and MAC

LD player is a popular and reliable emulator for PC games. It is the latest emulator, which has to get a million views when it launched. Mistakes minimize in this emulator.LD players run the newest android apps. It is an error-free emulator and easy to use. Some functions can change my settings—Black and white screen issues faced in some systems. During the new update, this issue fix.Best light emulator for PC.

LD player emulator is free available. It is a favorite emulator for android games.LD player app store runs many more android apps. Some apps install, then device performance slows down. Paid LDplayer has an advanced option in which network settings, screen resolutions, graphic styles, etc.   


A screen recording option is an avail for sharing others.

The configuration and installation process is easy. 

Emulator gives fast, reliable, and better performance.

Installation Requirement

2 Gb ram

5 Gb hard storage


7 best android emulator 2021 for PC and MAC

Genymotion android emulator design for developers. It mostly uses to test the devices. Different apps experiments do this emulator. It works offline in windows and online on the cloud. You can easily switch in various methods.

This emulator does not develop for consumers. Genymotion is the best android emulator for low and PC. But it allows any users can get output with this. It is not suited for heavy apps or games. Like PUBG can not install Because its function and features are substantial.

Different devices test from this emulator. It is available free of cost. It has excellent test capability for different devices. Lots of reasons are why we select this emulator. It is reliable and user-friendly functions. Best android emulator 2021 trending these days.


Manage according to your needs.

You can develop high-quality apps and check this emulator.

Genymotion continues to work if your computer is not robust.

Installation requirement

400 Mb space

 4 Gb ram

Android Studio Emulators

Best android emulators 2020

Android studio emulator design to test lots of android apps with API levels. It has all capabilities to check this android features such as incoming calls, messages, location, and play store access. It’s working is faster and gives better performance.

In which include a different tool which helps to developed android apps games and various applications. It supports kotlin language if the developer uses this method. Every ordinary person can not easily handle this, and it is very complicated. Android studio emulator is the Best android emulator 2021. Developers can customize easily. It is excellent for development.

It requires a high SDK 32 bit or 64-bit processor. For practical test your apps, you should create AVD. It’s function run according to apps design or features. Private storage data is involved in this. It is free from error bugs or other issues.


Use to check all types of android apps.

 It is faster and reliable according to your work.

 Developers friendly amulator.-

Installation Requirement

 2 Gb space

 4 Gb ram

Nox Player

Best android emulators 2020

Nox players are safe android emulator. It develops for gaming. Its interface is user friendly. It is better from blue stacks, genymotion, and other android devices. In this emulator, you can run multiple versions. A lot of features are in it.

In nox player, you can easily be rooted. The light android emulator provides customization features. Nox gives you a better experience for android apps. It provides a reliable platform where you get a quick and accurate result. Its security is robust. Malware attacks are not natural on this emulator. If you install the first time, then other emulators have not to value according to your mind.

It is free of cost available. It gives a great opportunity in which we can install graphics games and apps highly. Nox android version update. The latest version of the Nox player is 6. Its new version improves its performance and gaming run capability. Nox player is the best android emulator 2021.


Fast and smooth and reliable emulator.

Reliable and back support with windows and MAC os.

You can use the play store using the NOx emulator.

Installation specification

App size 367 Mb

Ram 2 Gb

 Graphics card 2 Gb

Memu Play

Best android emulators 2020

Memu play is the best android emulators 2020 technology. It has excellent optimization features.

Menu emulator safe and user-friendly emulators in which users can adjust features according to needs. It can run on any platform. Furthermore, it is base on kit kat, lollipop, and jelly bean. Different features run for game testing.

It is free available. Simple download and click on install. Services run on your system. If you buy the pro version, you can get advanced features in it. The Pro version increases the gaming experience. Graphicsquality and performance automatically increase.


Share file between system and other android devices.

Fast APK file installation.

Keyboard/ touch screen use for the game experience.

Installation Requirement

Ram 4 Gb

 File size 435 Mb

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