Best Entertainment apps for android and IOS in 2021

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In this post, I will discuss some top listed entertainment apps for android and ios for 2021. There are many android apps available on the google play store, which you can use for entertainment. Music, Gaming, video, streaming, and many other apps included entertainment apps. All these apps give you enjoyment. These are the most useful android apps in daily life.

Best Entertainment apps for android and IOS in 2021

You can do your many work settings at home using the android app like you can get movie tickets, online shopping, paying every type of bill using apps with your Android phone’s help. All these apps support the ios android system.

The list of entertainment apps is following.

1. Netflix

2. You tube 

3. Spotify 

4. PUBG 

5. Whatsapp 


Netflix app works as streaming, and it makes the content for entertainment. Many users use this app for entertainment. The users of this app are almost 300 million active. You can think about the importance of this app that it has a lot of active users.151 million users use the paid subscription, and 158 users use this app’s basic free features.

It supports both the operating system android and ios. You can download it from the google play store for android and ios for the apple store. Using this app, you can download the video which you want. It allows you to watch the stream from all over the world. It is the best android app of all time.


Youtube has become a very famous company. You can watch every type of video and download it. Like you can enjoy the music, movie, drama, and different tv shows. With help, you can learn everything. If you want to know the android language, you will discover it easily by watching various video lectures. 

You create the channel and make content after monetizing the chance you will earn a lot of dollars. More you can sell your product through online marketing using your track. If you want to show your talent, then it is the best platform for this you can get lattes new over all the world. 

It is a wonderful app for entertainment. Android phones have already installed YouTube. Here you will not need to download youtube from the google play store. 


 Spotify is one of the most amazing stream apps for android and ios more it supports the desktop. Most people enjoy the music stream in this amazing app. 248 million are active users of this app who want streaming music. Both free and paid versions are available on this app, but you can use three months free after this, you will pay.

118 million users used the paid version of this app. Many apps provide streaming music, but the performance of this app is outstanding. It is user friendly. You can download it with the help of google play store with the eBay method. It is the best source of entertainment. In your free time, you can use this and enjoy the music stream all over the world. It is the Best Entertainment apps for android and IOS in 2021


Pubg is a gaming app. It is a very famous game at this time. In this game, you can play on the battlefield. Here you will perform a shooter role. It is an interesting game. If you want to play this in the app first, you will find a player who plays with you. You and your competitor play, shoot fire, and killed with each other.

The interesting thing about this app is you can play this game in a group with your friend and family. It allows you to share your voice with your group members. You will instruct your member about what they perform. It is free of cost. A million users are active on this app. it is an excellent entertainment source for the people.

Using the google play store, you will download this app without paying any fee.


 Whatsapp is an amazing android app. It was developed on May 3 2009. Its active user of WhatsApp almost 2 billion. It has excellent features for the user. You can audio and video call with your friend and family using this app. If you want to share your document, it allows you to do this. On special events, you can update your status in the status section.  

It provides you with high security. Here you can create a group and communicate in groups with your friends and family. Every type of video here you can share. The main advantage of WhatsApp is it is free of cost. For downloading WhatsApp go to the google play store and install it on your android phone. Best Entertainment apps for android and IOS in 2021.


 In this post, I explain the entertainment app. If you are looking for entertainment for enjoying life, you are in the right place because here I discuss some android apps that are helpful for entertainment. Using this app, you can use audio, video call, and message with your friend and family free of cost.

Some apps allow you to share the documents. All these apps are available for both android and ios operating systems. Using these apps, you can enjoy streaming music. Please leave a message for me in the comment section; thank you.   

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