best free augmented reality games for Android 2021
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best free augmented reality games for Android 2021

Augmented Reality games are more trending these days. Pokemon Go is a popular reality base game. Its style, features, function, and 3D results make more attractive this type of game. the best free augmented reality games for Android in 2021 are the following.

the best free augmented reality games for Android in 2021

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive android game is very popular in the world. It is the same as AR mechanics. Its features and functions are related to harry potter. Players play the game with other players. Share your content on social media such as images and videos.

It is free from errors and bugs. It is compatible with all devices. Now you can download and install free of cost. If buy a subscription, you can get more advanced features. At the start, users find it difficult to play this game. At a time this is a user-friendly game.


Free of cost

Players battle with other players

Simple and easy to play

Explore your area

Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is a popular and interesting game. Many other games of AR are available on the internet but it is best as compared to others. It is fullycompatible with your device. It is the best-augmented reality shocking game in 2021.

The graphical user interface is flexible. It is best for beginners. You can increase your AR gaming experience through nightfall AR. Engaging allows upgrading a variety of defenses.

You can unlock characters when leveling up. Snap your pictures and share content on social media and friends. It provides a virtual environment. You can play on PC with the help of emulators.


Share pictures with your friends

Free available for everyone

Impressive features

Upgrade variety of defenses

Zombies, Run

Zombies Run is a fitness game. Millions of users play this game to keep work continue. Which include audio adventure game features. When you go it works with you. Many features unlock with your running.

It will help to motivate you to continue your work. If you feel laziness and disappointment, zombies help to hold your thinking. If you play this game regularly, next weak many other mission unlocks for enjoying this game.

Exercise makes your life perfect. Many persons don’t like exercise due to fewer resources. Zombies create motivation for fitness and a healthy body. Different world stories read in zombies and get a successful lesson from it.


Run at any place

Free available

Get advanced exercise features

Free from bugs

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Brickscape is a virtual reality game. It is full of puzzles and fun. Many box features include in it. It is a simple and attractive game. The user plays this game for entertainment. This game using Google ARcore.

Brickspace has many customization options. Blocks are moving in a straight line in this game. You can rotate your screen with a finger. High-level graphics use in brickspace.

Different level use in brickspace. Unlock level from easy to master. The sound quality is very impressive. Internet connection is not necessary to play this game. You can play this game offline. It is the best offline augmented reality game in 2021.


600 brain testing stage

Simple and easy to play

Different puzzle mode

No internet connection

Ar sports basketball

Ar sports basketball is an augmented reality game in the digital world. It is related to sports.
Players shoot at any location. It is divide into different levels. Millions of downloads on the play store. Users like this game which persons are moreinterested in sports.

You can enjoy this game with popular features. It works with your camera and sensors. It is also called a shooter game. You can swipe up throw and shoot the ball in the basket. It is included in free augmented reality games for Android in 2021.


Basic level AR

Best sport game

Level base game mode

Most addictive game

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