Best investment apps for beginners 2021
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Best investment apps for beginners 2021

If you are looking best investment apps in 2021, you are in the right place. You can make your future safe with investment. Many investing platforms work on the internet. Best investment apps for beginners really help to start investment But I am telling about the safe and secure platform which is fast on the global world. The best free investing apps of 2021 are trending.

Best investment apps for beginners 2021

Your data is safe from unauthorized access. You can double your profit in minimum time. If you are a beginner, then it’s helpful to learn basic strategies. Best investment apps for beginners 2021 are the following.


Robinhood is the best app that allows you to trade stocks, ETFs, options, and other cryptocurrency free. It is a helpful app for beginners and experts. The interface is attractive and smooth. Million of peoples register here from the global world.

When you start up from Robinhood, your identity moves on many screens; in minimum time, you can become a professional market trader. You can access popular stories, news, and investing accounts on this platform. Trending ideas get from this app.

Stock page, statistics, and charts available on top of the screen. Different options select in which you want to trade and shares buy or sell. Here you can start trading immediately and earn a profit. It is a free app to register yourself.


Free cryptocurrency 

ETF trades

Free stock

Long term trading


Wealthbase is a new investment app in the market. It is coming with new functions and features. You can increase social experience in the trade market. It is the best platform to grow your wealth. Thousands of people visit this app regularly and earn money.

GUI is simple and easy to manage. Security is high with the encryption method. You can pick daily updates and news about stocks. Its performance is high and runs in second. You can also access a wealth base through the web. It will help to how to start investing in UK Reddit.

In this platform, you can create virtual portfolios. A unique feature of this app is the game. Join a fun and get $100000 in virtual cash quickly. If you are a beginner in this platform, you can learn strategies and investments method. It is the best investment apps for beginners in Uk 2021.


Virtual stock

Trading games

Easy to use

Secure app with encryption


Acrons is the oldest finance apps in the digital world. Its visitors increase continuously. People thought that it is a more trusting app in the world. Gui is really simple. If you set up an account one time, you don’t need to again setup. Simple and easy to use this app.

You can invest in different ETF portfolios. Debit and credit options make this app easy. Arons investment cost is $1 per month. You can increase investment with time. You can enroll 401K in acrons later. Portfolios values increase with age.

It is secure from unauthorized access—money schedule based on the encryption method. You can get a quick investment account for you and your friends. Other many features include in it such as retirement, checking, and grow your knowledge—best investment apps for UK Reddit.


Start from $1

Safe and secure

Easy to use

Quickly open account


Stockpile is a popular app investment app. It allows you to purchase fractional shares of companies. If you can’t buy full shares, then you can buy or a third party. It doesn’t require a monthly fee. Stockpile is a favorite platform for users.

It allows you to give a gift card for stock. Here you can invest in a fun way. Don’t require an account to send a gift. Latest updates, news, and portfolio progress check any time. You can track investment history at any time. A wish list option is available in it.

Your information and money are safe here. Is Stockpile safe to use? Yes, it is safe because it uses 256-bit encryption to store and protect your data. Simple and easy to design this app. Users are attracted to these features. Stockpile is a good investment platform.


Don’t require a monthly fee.

Send gift cards free.

Track investment any time

Safe your data


Invstr is a good option for beginners and experts. In this platform, you can manage $200 billion virtual portfolios. Provide an opportunity to play a fantasy game. It gives $1 million in virtual money. They are specially designed for beginner investors.

Invstr app help to get social ideas and social network links. You can buy fractional shares in invstr. It builds your confidence and helps to start your investment journey. Manage your money and profit timeline. You can access this app at any time. It is the best investment apps for beginners.

You can do technical analysis, charts, and get earning notifications. Invstr app protected by SIPC. Invstr trade stocks increase portfolios value. After setup, you can unlock amazing features. Its structure is easy and quick. Easy to use and have an attractive design.


Best for beginners

$1 million in virtual money

Buy fractional shares

Protect by SIPC


Betterment is the best app for Robo-advisors. It is the most popular largest app in the world. Betterment app provides a professional portfolio at low risk. You can earn more here from other platforms. If you set up an account one time, make a profit lifetime.

It also charges a smaller price from another traditional platform. 0.25 percent is the competitive rate in Robo-advisor. You can set investment portfolios from a retirement point of view—great options for saving something.

Investment is safe and secure. You can simply manage this app. When you set up an account, all securities strictly implement it. It will increase the successful experience. You can directly link with back. I will improve the beginner’s experience.


For beginners and experts

Link with bank

High security

0.25 percent competitive rate

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