7 best music streaming apps for Android 2021
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7 best music streaming apps for Android 2021

Best music streaming apps in 2021 are trending. Millions of users use this app for entertainment. 10 best music streaming apps for Android & IOS 2021 available now. You can listen to music all around the world. the best music streaming apps 2021 is the following.

10 best music streaming apps for Android 2021

Apple Music

Apple Music has become a popular streaming app in the world. Users are satisfied with its features and functions. Available at all stations on this app 24/7. Available 30 million above songs on its playlist. It provides user facility to stream your music.

Which includes different bundles. You can enjoy unlimited bundles through premium packages. It is free of errors and bugs. It supports a student plan at minimum cost. People can get benefits from apple music all around the world.

In the premium package, you can get a music library bundle. You can download music and listen without an internet connection. Create your music playlist—shared music with friends and family. You can use a free trial and get a subscription for entertaining.


Student cheaper plan available

Above 60 million songs

Download music

User friendly


Deezer is a popular app in the world. Multiple features are available in Deezer. Up to 43 million songs, including playlist. Different station’s soundtrack, recommendation, and updates features include in Deezer. It has impressive features.

Learn new tracks and podcasts in English.Best app for new users. Don’t require high experience to use this app. You can discover your favorites, channels, and streaming. Share playlists with your friends and give a surprise.

It also offers a family package in which you can create 6 profiles in one account. GUI is simple and easy to use. Free from errors and bugs. Offline music facility available here. Because it provides superior features without errors and bugs.


Unlimited skips

Free from Ads

High-quality sound

Compatible with all devices


iHeartRadio is a favorite app for users. Which include curated playlists and radio stations. Millions of tracks available in it. Competition is high on it. You can search for music according to your demand. Content value is unique from others.

You can find unlimited streams, live stations, playlists, and other activities. iHeartRadio is easy to use and free. In the premium package, you can get a huge music list. You can listen to your favorite music and radio stations.

Discover free AM and FM radio stations near you. This app allows you to listen to breaking news, sports updates, talk, and comedy shows. The graphical user interface is simple and reliable. It is compatible with all devices.


Available million of tracks

Listen to favorite music, news, and sports.

Curated playlists

Download music


SoundCloud is a popular music service in the world. Peoples upload their content for the pleasure of others. Million of people listen to Soundcloud’s music. in $10, you can get a 150 million music package. Multiple playlists are available in it.

It is the 2nd large platform of music. With a free subscription, you can get limited access to music—a great option to discover music worldwide. Different stations and playlists make this app more interesting—the global community likes this app from user-friendly features.

In the premium package, you can access unlimited music and features. Ad-free service is available in pro. Save total offline tracks. The sound quality is good and impressive.


Create playlists

Find new music faster

Discover millions of artists

200 million tracks

TuneIn Radio                                                   

Cullen is a music streaming app. Its features are limited compared to other music apps, But it has some unique options such as podcasts, radio stations, live sports, etc. In the premium version, 600+ commercial stations available and 10,000 commonly.

TuneIn Radio is popular for live sports and talks radio. People also like this app for live sports. 

Some channels are free such as live sports, news, music, and some others. Here you can discover new music. It is a user-friendly app. Users are satisfied with its features and interface.

Here you can listen to headlines, favorite shows updates, and many other availabilities. Monthly subscription charges bear according to country. Subscription automatically renews every month. In settings, you can turn off this option if you stop your monthly subscription.


Live Sports – Football, Baseball, Basketball, & Hockey & More

Commercial-Free Music

Commercial-Free News

10,000 channels

YouTube Music

YouTube is a great streaming service in the world. Millions of users use this platform for a different purpose, such as business, education, entertainment, music, videos, films, dramas, etc. You can get millions of songs from here youtube music.

New features update over time. Music streaming services improve every day. It is a user-friendly platform. You can listen to music according to your choice. It is the biggest Live streaming service in the world. Discover new music and get playlists.

Easily access albums, live concerts, performances, covers, etc., an Offline Download facility available for one month. You can listen to music when you perform another task. You can get premium features to purchase packages. Ad-free service is available.


Offline download facility

Access millions of songs in the world.

Discover new music

Ad-free features


TIDAL is a popular music streaming platform. It is a favorite of musicians. The estimated traffic on this app is 50 million. Global musicians register on it. It is the biggest platform for entertaining—new music discovering through TIDAL.

Broadly features add in it such as android TV, update playlist, 15,000 music video, and more trick. Competitors also use reliable tricks for success. Old and latest music playlist available here. Mostly serious fans like this app for entertainment.

Streaming experience increase with free music, offline support, radio, unlimited skips, etc. Sound quality is good from others. You can create and share a favorite playlist. If you do not buy a package to use this app, you can use a free trial.


Discover new music

Support Android TV

Offline support

Share music

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