Best photo sharing apps for android & iPhone 2021

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the best photo sharing apps in 2021. If you have an android phone, then you must take a lot of photos with your phone. It is the Best photo-sharing apps for android & iPhone 2021. It is human nature everyone wants to share its beautiful thing with other people for publicity. If you want to share your lovely picture, stay here because you are in the right place. In this article, I will discuss the best photo sharing apps for android and iPhone. 

Best photo sharing apps for android & iPhone 2021

The top listed apps are as follows.

Live share 

Daily routine in every event you take a lot of photos on your android phone, and you want hair on different platforms like Facebook and many others. But here is a problem you will tag different people on Facebook and manage your photo. Don’t worry about this Live share android app can help in this matter. 

This photo-sharing app generates the stream and will be responsible for organizing your image. The privacy factor is strong in this app. Don’t worry about this. With this app’s help, you can share your photo online, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Lightbox Photo  

Lightbox photo is an amazing photo-sharing app. In this app, you can launch your image directly on your android phone. Many sections such as like, comment, and follow them which post the photo is available. It is growing the community quickly.

With famous social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can share your image easily on this app. Many other features are available in this app. Security features are more secure for you, don’t worry about this. 


Snape is a wonderful photo-sharing app for android phones. Many modern features are available in this. You can mark the location using a Google map on your photo. For example, you are standing in a Landon and want to share your photo. This app helps you show your location in this photo. So I said it is an amazing fact for you.

More you can check great images from different parts of the world with this snap app’s help. Following, followers like, and add favorite options are used in this app. I hope you will use this app. It is the Best photo-sharing apps for android & iPhone 2021.


Flicker is one of the most excellent photos sharing apps in the world. Many options of the 

 Flicker photo sharing is match Yahoo. When you shoot your photo using this app, you can use many options like alternative camera, tag, filter, and quickly uploaded support. This app is completely different from other photo-sharing apps.


Picplz is a top-listed photo-sharing app all over the world. Picpz created the community with the help of unknown people. The use of this app is very easy and simple. Many excellent features are in this app, but the sharing system is most excellent and simple.

You can use many other options like effect, filter, sticker, and tag. With the help of this picplz photo-sharing app, you can share your great image on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. when you use it, you must feel like a community or family.


StreamZoo is a photo-sharing app. when we talk about the photo-sharing app for android, the first name that comes up in my mind is stream zoo. The use of this app is simple and easy. You will create an account on the stream zoo app with the help of Facebook or Twitter. 

Many sections are included in this app, such as comment, effect filter, and sticker. Fourteen different filters and 15 border effects are available in this app for photo editing. It is a very good app because you can do both works in this photo-making and photo sharing. I hope you will download the app for your personal use.  It is the Best photo-sharing apps for android & iPhone 2021.


SmugMug is a wonderful photo-sharing app and used for official work. Graphics designer and the professional photographer used for a serious with the help of their cameras. In this app, you can’t do photo editing. Filter, sticker, and border; these features are not in this app. It works completely different from other photo-sharing apps.

SmugMug is a website where people give you orders for printing. SmugMug support to the android. You can put it on your android phone without any problem. The most use of this app is travel, Wildlife, and the music industry. In this app, you will feel better security.

SmugMug is integrated with different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. The big problem with this app is that it is not free. First 7 days, you can use it free. After this, you will purchase it. If you want to use it for professional work, you will need to invest in it and use it.


EyeEm is a very famous photo sharing and editing app. This app works the same as other apps like stream zoo and picplz. In EyeEm, you can take a photo, tag it, and you can edit it. A most excellent feature of this is where you take a picture to share the location on your image.

More you can check photo groups with the help of your recent post. This app supports different social media like Facebook and Twitter. It is free of cost. The use of the EyeEm app is very simple.

The best photo-sharing app for iPhone 

Before this, I discussed the photo-sharing app for android. Now I discuss the photo-sharing app for the iPhone. In this advanced world, there are many iPhone users, so I need to write this article. Here I will discuss the app, which is useful for iPhone users.


Photocircle is a photo-sharing app that supports the iPhone. In this app, you can share your photo album with your friend every time you create an album if you want to share your photo. This app provides full security for your image. When you invite a friend, then this app transfers your album; otherwise, your album will be saved in a good way.


VSCO is an app which helps to edit and share the photo. After taking the image, you can edit the pictures then share and organize them into the collection. You can download the VSCO free, but if you want to use it’s more beneficial features, then you will be purchased. Its price is 20$ per year.


Ever not share your photo. It provides the facility to save the back of your image in unlimited storage. With this app’s help, you can share your vision with your friend and family with a secure method. First, you will create the album then share it with your friend and family. It provides a full resolution facility to share photos. Social media are directly connected to this app. 


With the help of this app, you can share your photo album using your iPhone. It is the best app because its use is very easy and provides its security. This apptou can create the album, then start the group and then share the album in a group with your friend and family member. You can create different groups and manage the picture. It is free of cost. It is the Best photo-sharing apps for android & iPhone 2021.


In this advanced world, everyone has an android or iPhone. Many people are interested in taking photos on the mobile phone, which people want to share with people. This article is best for these people. In the article, I discuss the android and iPhone app, which help edit and share your picture. You can save your photo for a long time using these apps. After reading the complete article, please leave a comment in the comment section; thank you.

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