Best quiz and trivia games for Android 2021
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Best quiz and trivia games for Android 2021

Best quiz and trivia games for Android are trending in these days. These games play with your friends.

Best quiz and trivia games for Android 2021

These games are following;

HQ Trivia

HQ trivia game has been the attraction upon its release in 2018. like some other games, this game also offers money for android games. When you participate in its regular and weekly contest, it gives a lot of money. This game also garnered the attraction of users for the best quiz games of Android. This game will provide you with a question and expect you to come with the correct answer.

 Ten questions you will be asked, and for this, you will have only ten, which is no more time. You will have no option to customize the answer and obtain the hint to guess the answers. But if you fail to answer the question, you will be eliminated from the round, and all the eligible participants can divide the money.


As long as time is maintained, this game is straightforward for its rules and easy to play.

Many celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Robert DE Niro, Rock took part in handing over millions of dollars in prizes to its claimants. 

Quiz: Logo Game

This game will introduce you with a list of brands that you know or will learn them or to know while solving the logos. This Quiz game android is free to install, but almost 2000 brands contain. Some prominent brands are Mercedes, McDonald’s, Amazon, Apple, Audi, and many more.

 Google Play also gives you access to achievement to check your current position. You can choose to use a hint option for a time, Such as a selected letter or specific letter of a word, full solve to disclose the name entirely. In these options, you will take the points but can increase it by watching ads.


Each Logos groups are in unique categories.

It also has expert packs for those who would like a challenge

This game for Android mainly focused on American brands, as well as some Canadian Brands.

Swipe screen to switch between logos.        

This game is timely updated, and new packs add frequently.


Many games related general knowledge base quizzes in most Android games, but this game is different from those games. 

In this game, you spin a wheel randomly to select the film, and the game will prepare a question along with that movie and a scene. All the stages in this game are real that pick from any movie, and you will have to choose the right answer out of four potential solutions. 

You must see a movie before participating in the quiz to answer about that film. PopcornTrivia is Best quiz and trivia games for Android


The fantastic thing about this game will help you recall the scenes you might have forgotten.

You can choose from a wide range of movies 

The exciting thing is that this game challenges you a question that tests your interest in film and knowledge 

Cinephiles craft item very cleverly 

New movies added every week 

All the question about your favorite movie 

In multiplayer mode, battle with a strong cinephile 


This android game is a little fun game where you must guess 94% of the answers to any given question. For Example, the game will provide you with a scenario; your answers should be 94% accurate. This game also creates the attention of the users for being the best quiz games for Android. For instance, you should have to guess 94% of what people do when they get up in the morning. It’s kind of like a family feud. It contains many questions, Plenty of levels, and the developers saw to be updating the game well frequently with new content. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun. It is one of the best games for Android.


All the developers of this game frequently update the game and input more exciting questions to get you out of boredom.

For Example, the question’s pattern will be as follows: What will you see in the cinema—the real-time scenario for the right answer and easy to guess.

Quizoid – General Knowledge offline Trivia Quiz

Quizoid is the best quiz apps for you. Millions of users use this app in the world. It has vast questions, more than 7000 for various fields. Science, entertainment, geography, Islam, food, art, and many other areas include.

If you purchase the pro version, more than 3500 questions get from this app. In the pro version, you can get other more features. Test your knowledge and capability through this app.

Three mode features play an essential role in this app. Most users like this mode. Twenty questions arise in one way. The first mode continues at a time as you don’t get the wrong answer. Here you faced temporary trouble. You can continue the quiz. GK is Best quiz and trivia games for Android.


7000 more than the question available.

Judge your knowledge through quiz apps

Question option change in it

Output show as a percentage


QuizUp is the most popular app in the world. People love this app to judge knowledge. It covers broad topics such as movies, cars, Disney movies, science, and technology. To win awards, you can play with PvP.

Graphics and user interface design are of high quality. The background music is very synchronized. New features update on any event such as movie release or holidays. Million of peoples connect with this app.

You can challenge your group members or friends on QuizUp. You can solve his quiz with a focus on competing with your friends. Every question has 10 seconds. The best quiz and trivia games for Android features are,


Single and multiplayer options are avail in this game

You can challenge your friends and compete with potential

Connect with millions of users

Output graph visible at your front

General Knowledge Quiz App

Many android apps are available to prepare yourself for exams. Every person wants to give better results with the interview. The general knowledge quiz app improves your knowledge broadly. You can compete with others for success if you have excellent broad experience.

GK quiz app covers different topics such as agriculture, animals, electronics, technology, world history, science, showbiz, sports, technical, trade, economy, and many others. The best quiz and trivia games for Android are trending.

GK is a user-friendly app that gives all answers directly. The practice of GK makes you brilliant and intelligent. If you are facing trouble, you can now make the conversion with other persons. A million persons connect with this app at the same time. GK app improves your personality. You can make a better decision about the future.


You can solve the GK test without the internet

It is available free of cost

Compatible with every device

User-friendly interface and easy to understand

World wide knowledge public here

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