Best sideloaded apps for android 2021
By Naveed

Best sideloaded apps for android 2021

Best sideloaded apps for Android list available where.Which is helpful to know about trending apps.These are following;


Price: Free

APKMirror is technically a website and not a concern with the android app. But in which include many apps that you can sideload.APKMirror is trying to give users a better facility when users are trying to upload new version apps. All-new version apps are available on google play at the front. Old version apps don’t show in front of users.

It’s a reliable and friendly website for APKs.Clear from scammers or corrupt files. We are using this site for many years without any issues. 

All users are required to sideload available here to take the opportunity. Many sideload is in trend these days. Thousands of users search this these days. It is a helpful platform for users.  


 Price: Free / $5-$43 per year

Cerberus is the best phone to find apps at play store.Before some time, its rules regulations are stringent. But now google general rules for specific permission. It is available on the official website.

Cerberus follows these people who are trying to use your phone. It snaps these people who try to access your data and show your location—security breaches from this source.

Mobile security is vital from this app. Security breaches in these days are standard issue. Many android devices face this problem.

Its features are very high priority. Three different ways use to protect device which is following;

Web portal

Remote control via text message

Automatic alerts

The cost range is 5$ to 45% per year for ten devices.


Value: Free to play

Fortnite relationship with google play store is not good. At a time, you can get Fortnite from the official website. It is related to royale style game where 99 players to see outstanding.

The game reduces with time. You can store collect to make a benefit for yourself. It is a top-rated game in the world that likes the majority of people. It’s not available at the play store.

Fortnite is available on MAC, PC, IOS, and android. It is free to download for PC and MAC. You can get more features in pro. Its revenue is 3 billion and more established games in less time. 

Its features and functionality have high priority, and under 13 get children not understand easily. The game run minimum requirements are 8 GB ram and i3 processor.

Google Camera ports

Price: Free

Google camera exists two places at the same time. It’s a temporary version available on the play store. You have an excellent digital camera in which you need to sideload.

Google’s digital camera captures things powerfully with different options. It’s processing speed, and the result is very efficient. We can not use every gadget at the same time because it has lots of a feature.

It supported all devices and publically released on play store. The latest temporary version available on the play store, every person can download and install. Up-to-date versions are not available on google play because they are not compatible, and features do not work regularly. When Google released a new version of the Pixel 4 camera app, some minor features include in it. Google camera best sideloaded apps for Android.

Humble Bundle

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Humble Bundle is a platform of game sales service. It is an amazing one outside of the play store. Bundles of games include in it. You can download free and paid games.

The charity organization attaches to it. You can help other peoples. Needy people’s life based on charity. Some other facilities are connected to this app, such as ebook and audio stall.

It is simple and easy to use. Things that you buy from it can download and install from this source. Many other games can buy from here, which is very latest and popular. 

In a monthly subscription, you can get more benefits. When you are buying a monthly bundle, choose the price, and buy it. Humble Bundle is best sideloaded apps for Android.

YouTube Vanced

Value: Free

Another video platform the same as youtube launched nearly. Sideloaded apps manage this. It allows us to watch any movie video without advertisements. In premium options include many features, such as background playback.

It works the same as youtube. Functionality is more reliable. Some people don’t watch youtube with commercials.Do not like to pay for premium youtube due to commercial stop videos every step.

Some people think Youtubevanced is illegal. It’s not right. Youtube vanced is legal. It defines rules, privacy policy, and terms of service. Youtube advanced clear from the virus.


Price: Free

Tachiyomi is the best manga reader.Another side is more complicated. It has a vast massive collection. Some NSFW stuff avail in it.

It is based on extensions. Unfortunately, it is not available in the play store.But is available on the official website. It is easy to install and use. Tachiyomi is involved from another manga reader, available on google play but includes in large amounts of data. 

It is easier and faster. But not use on any website. The site can go out of maintenance, and ranking can be down continuously. It is the best-sideloaded apps for Android.

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