Best Thing to do with your new  Android smartphone  in 2021
By Naveed

Best Thing to do with your new Android smartphone in 2021

When you buy the new android phone, you should do some important things with your android phone if you want it’s better performance. In this post, I will discuss these things in detail. After using these tips, you get more advantages from your phone. The best thing to do with your new Android smartphone help in 2021.

Best Thing to do with your new  Android smartphone  in 2021

When you start your new android for use, it automatically takes some things like google account, screen-lock, etc. Some other tips are available which increase the performance of your phone. As you know, Android is an amazing operating system for mobile devices. It provides you many amazing features which are useful for us.
List of the best thing which used for new android is under

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1 Log in Google account on your android phone.

You know the importance of a google account. Every android device can’t perform without a google account. When you turn on your new android, the device requires the google account here. You can skip it, but then your phone works just like toys. You can’t enter in the google search engine.
Google play store is the main bone of the android phone. You can get here every type of application for android phones. Google play store is called the house of application. if you to use it
Then you will need to log in to the google account.
Youtube will also need the google account. So when you buy your new phone, first of all, log in to your Google account on the device.

2 Check updates for the software

The software provides the update after some time. So when you get the new android phone from the market you should use something before using it. When you use it the first time on your phone you should check the update for the software if an update available then update the software for better performance.
Go to the phone setting here and you will find the phone section. In the about section click on the software update here check the update which software has updated and finally update all software that is here. When you update all software the performance will be increased and you get good results from the phone.
This thing is best for you because it allows you to get good performance from your android device. Don’t forget this when you purchase your new phone. Check updates are the best thing to do with your new Android smartphone.

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3 Remove Bloatware

When you buy a new android phone, many unwanted ones are already installed on the phone. These apps don’t perform a special task. These apps take up space, but you don’t use them. So you should remove all unwanted applications and software.
Some applications you disable from the setting, and some you can uninstall from the phone. After doing this process, your android phone generates free space. The process of uninstalling applications is straightforward and easy.
If you uninstall all unwanted applications, your phone will increase your phone’s speed because your phone will stay in optimal condition. Remove Bloatware best Thing to do with your new Android smartphone.

4 Activate the smart privacy

It is a basic need. Everyone wants to secure data in the android phone. Mobile phones are a very precious thing for everyone. When you buy a phone, the smart lock doesn’t activate on the android device. So when you turn on your phone for the first time, you will need to activate the smart lock in your android phone.
There are different smart locks that you can activate in your android. Password. Pattern and biometric type of lock are available in the android operating system. Using these locks, you can protect your android from unknown people. Many other applications provide the facility of smart like you can install them.
Don’t forget the smart lock on your phone. Your data can be stolen without a lock from your phone. It is a perfect process for you.

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5 Set Google play store setting

After buying the new android phone, first of all, set the google play store setting. All types of applications you download from the google play store. Some apps can be installed automatically if you should not use them. You can disable this option from the setting of the google play store for a long time.
Google play store avoids many things like some apps give us update notification after some time. With the help of the play store, you can stop notifications. It provides you a better feel because you will never feel a disturbance due to this problem.
If you want to avoid updating the notification of the app, you will need to set the play store setting. It is an easy method. Check the option for this. Google play store setting is the best Thing to do with your new Android smartphone

6 Set Up android backup

The Android operating system provides amazing features. It has a backup. With the help of these amazing features, you can save your data in the backup for a long time in actual form. But you should use this method before using the phone.
If you want to set android backup, then you go to the phone setting. Here you find the backup option. When you find it, check this option for backup. After checking the option of backup, you will never lose your data from your android phone. It is best for you if you are an android phone.

Best Thing to do with your new Android smartphone in 2021


In this post, I explain all these things you have in mind before purchasing the android phone. If you don’t use these tips, you feel a problem in the future. If you don’t activate your Android phone’s smart lock, you can use your mobile phone data in the future. And more you will face the updating notification problem. So you should follow these things when you purchase a new phone. The best thing to do with your new Android smartphone is to maintain your functionality.
Hopefully, if you follow all these things, you will get the best performance of your android phone. With the help of them, you get a lot of free space on the phone. Please leave a message in the comment section with your opinion about what you think about this post. And please tell me what I change in this post. Thank you.

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