5 Best DJ apps for android and IOS 2021
By Naveed

5 Best DJ apps for android and IOS 2021

DJ is a popular and recognized app in the world. The graphical user interface is the same as the deck. You can work with two tacks at one time. Make different sounds and tones with DJ apps. Save music on your phone or tablet memory. Simple and easy to use. Best DJ apps for android and IOS.

5 Best DJ apps for android and IOS 2021

Many DJ apps are working recently. The 5 Best DJ apps for android and IOS 2020 explained here.

Cross Dj

Cross DJ is the first mobile app in Dj apps. Many features are there in this app. This app is perfect in its working form for detecting the BPM. Many standard features like tracks sync and beat grid editing have 5 pitch-bending levels, like 4,8,16,32, and 100%.

If you purchase this app, you should have many other features like external mixture support and an auto mixer. In-app purchase is the ability you got to record and share non-sound cloud mixes. Cross  Dj is wonderful and has all android applications. It designs as user friendly and socially responsive. Cross DJ is the Best DJ apps for android and IOS.


Breath of fresh air

Very powerful


4 player


Party Mixer 3D

The Party Mixer 3D app is a user-friendly app. If you are a new user, this app will help you a lot for all new users. The reason anyone with multi Dj background degrees can try to create a new type of music with the help of this app. This app helps you to create your own night club story.

It’s a powerful Dj mixer make in 3D edition with the help of this app. No need for any expensive DJ software or hardware Dj decks with a lot of functions that you don’t know before. It helps you to play the music on two-track and crossfades between them like a Dj. This app is also user-friendly anyone can enjoy its features easily. 


Ability to load user all tracks

2 Glowing turntables

Best sound effect

Auto BPM detection system

3 band EQ

Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix is another powerful DJ app. It has 16 samples to play with this app for enjoying the music. You can upload your favorite mixes to the cloud with the help of this app. You can customize your layout a little. Purchase this app from the cloud. It has a high-level performance. Its design with the partnership of pro-Djs allows your device to a real setup and unlimited creative freedom.

Like other apps, it also has a recording option. By purchasing this app, you can get more features of this app edjing mix. There is a smarty library that optimizes time for a maximum. With the feature possibility of tracking BPM length and alphabetical order, people can easily reach their soundtracks and needs. Edijing Mix is the 5 Best DJ apps for android and IOS.


One-touch access

New audio FX control

No loss of visual information

Auto audio analysis

Easy to share

Mixfader compatibility

Music Maker Jam

It is also the most useful and most popular app on mobile. It checks all boxes for the basics. Music Maker Jam is too good to make a general musician those looking for an app to record its original sound and original composition. It is an amazing app for all types of music, whatever your music level. For creating amazing remix beats and soundtracks using a loop, this Music maker jam is very useful. It is the best free DJ apps in 2020.


Heavy rotation

Expand your music library

Record and share

Your image for background

Tempo and harmonies adjustable


With this cheerfully and simple control, this app is a very popular and most powerful mobile app. You can easily stream your service and then mix up with the help of its feature. Pacemaker is Best DJ apps for android and IOS. If you are a new user or feeling bored, this app will choose many suitable soundtracks and mix them for you and enjoying the DJ. Djing reinvented this app.

This app has an excellent balance between simplicity. It is the ultimate DJ apps for android. This app makes your soundtracks and mixes better and easier. It is best DJ apps for android to mix music.


A full spectrum of Mixing apps

Instant mix magic

Easy to use

Easy to record and share

Perfect seamless mix

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