Best free apps for video calling 2021
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Best free apps for video calling 2021

From the start of the year 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit face-to-face association; most of us rely on connecting with our family, friend, and colleagues. There are many video apps in the market to join us. Free is best. We’ve listed a few of the best known videoconferencing apps, with a couple of popular text chat apps that also have the option of video calling. Best free apps for video calling 2021 list here.

Best free apps for video calling 2021

Most of these apps have a free version. High-speed video calling technology has touched our lives. Just years ago, video calling was not possible video calling was most leggy. The good idea is to try one or two out to see how well they fit in with your style and those of your friends. Some examples offer instant messaging and video chat, as well as numerous other


Facebook messenger app is an American developed by Facebook as Facebook chat in the year 2008. Worked for the streamline The messenger has been separate from the Facebook app for several years now.

Messenger used for many businesses and individuals for communication, and now you can use messenger without the Facebook app to install the messenger app. These apps allow you voice chat or video chat an individual or in a group very quickly but need to know how to use it for voice calling, video calling, or chat. Messenger recently announced a room that allows up to 50 people to connect with another. 


Million of users active on messenger

Messenger is trending in 2020

The graphical user interface is attractive


WhatsApp is also an American app. It allows users to chat, Voice calls, Video calls, and live location sharing services. WhatsApp client application runs on Android but also on a desktop computer. As long as the mobile device connects with a computer, you can use WhatsApp on your desktop computer.

WhatsApp released a standalone business app that targeted small business owners called WhatsApp business that connects with customers who use standard WhatsApp client. It was founded in 2008 by two employees of yahoo. WhatsApp messenger is also a free messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp is the Best free apps for video calling 2021.

It uses your phone’s internet connection 2G to 4G or Wi-Fi if available .to let you send or receive messages. It also allows for sending photos, video documents, and voice messages. You can connect with your friends and family, even in another country. Group chat in WhatsApp allows many people to communicate with each other via the group. No extra charges to send WhatsApp message internationally.


Secure video app in the play store

50% use as a business purpose

Easy to use and free available


Skype is another free app to connect people with Via Voice Call, Video Call, and chat service. Video calls allow users to make an HD call. The chat feature in this is reaching people instantly, Sending a message to your friends, grabbing someone’s Attention with @ mention, or creating a group chat to plan a family reunion.

Send photos and videos with your family and friends, save share photos and videos to your camera roll, Share your screen to make party plans with friends, or present design to your members.


Record the call for up to 30 days

Share presentations

Up to 50 participants, no time limit


Zoom video communication is also an American communication technology company. It gives us the facility to video chat online chat through a cloud-based peep-to-peer software platform. Connect with zoom whenever you go- start or join 100- person meeting with clear, face to face video- quality screen sharing, and instant messaging- for free.

Zoom brings for us video conferencing, online discussion, and group messaging into one easy to use application. Almost 500000 customers organization and is # 1 in customer satisfaction.


Can participate up to 100 participants

Unlimited one-on-one meetings

Forty-minute limit on the group meeting

Microsoft team

Microsoft team is a popular application. Million of users access this application. 365 subscription is necessary to use extra features of the Microsoft team. It is easy to use. GUI is simple and user friendly. Members receive notification in the activity tab.

You can send an invitation link through email to participate in a group call. Voice, files, audio, and emoji can send through this application. Sharing files with your team and links can send to everyone. Microsoft team is the Best free apps for video calling 2021.

Custom background option use for change background. It is exciting to feature in this application. You can choose images for a more engaging experience.


2500 team members specification

Custom background change options

Share media and text files through it  

Google Duo

The duo starts a video chat between two people. It extends with time. Now, 32 a person can communicate at the same time. Organization meetings and small scale communication possible with google due.

Google duo runs on both IOS and Android. It is compatible with all phone devices, which use as communication. In face-to-face communication, people are near to each other.

Google due is directly connected with phone numbers. Don’t need to create a google account and signup to use this app. It is the best feature of Google duo users. Google duo is the Best free apps for video calling 2021.

During the call, you can capture photos and share them with others quickly. You can share audio, video, Voice, emoji, and stickers, etc.


Connect with 32 people at the same time

Share group links with others to join video call group

Share media with connected peoples 

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