7 Best Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOS 2021
By Naveed

7 Best Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOS 2021

Usually, we are traveling from one place to another. Meet with different persons who talk in any other language. Thanks to the Translator’s app, which helps to translate any other language. Different offline apps are available on the internet, which allows at any place. Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOS 2021 are the following.

7 Best Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOS 2021

Google Translate

Google translate is a popular app in the world. It is a user-friendly translator. It supports up to 60 languages. If you write any query, you can get the result in any language which you want. Convert the script of one language into another language.

If your device is connected to the internet, you can access 108 languages. Install Google, translate quickly, and enjoy its features. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Translate is the necessary app for any Smartphone. It can help in the study to understand translation.


User-friendly app

Support up to 60+ languages

Available offline

Access 108+ language

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is trending these days. It is compatible with all devices. You can run on a laptop, tablet, android & IOS. Microsoft supports up to 70 languages. You can translate in any language. Users’ choice is the priority of any translator.

You can use this app at any time if you don’t have an internet connection, no issue. Microsoft translator works offline. Now Install this app and unlock its features. It is free of errors and bugs. The user interface is simple and easy to use.


Support up to 70+ languages

Works offline

Simple and easy to use

TripLingo Translator

TripLingo is an offline translator. It is the best other language learning app. Different features support in TripLingo. You can translate in any language—best learning practice in quizzes, flashcards, and any country’s native language.TripLingo app helps in study, notes, and improve other language concepts.
It is very helpful for beginners. Save your translation in PDF form. It supported 42 languages. You can get more features from the live translator app.


Translation save in PDF form

Help in quizzes and flashcards

Improve other language concepts

iTranslate Translator

iTranslate is a popular translator app. It is supported in up to 100+ languages. This app is not free; it offers a paid subscription. You can translate your notes, text, and website content. Here you can communicate voice to voice. It is the best voice translator app for android.

Offline mode is not free. It provides amazing features in different categories. You can translate 38 languages without any other language restrictions. In offline mode, it supports English and some other languages. Voice translations are a unique feature of this app.


Translate notes, website content, etc

Support up to 100+ languages

Voice to voice communication

Speak & Translate Translator

Speak & Translate is a favorite app for users. It offers multiple features on one platform. The paid version is available to access offline mode. You can speak and translate in an online manner. Speak & Translate include in Offline Translator Apps 2021.

It supports up to 54 languages for voice translation. Text translation also supports 117 languages. It is specially developed for iOS devices. It is compatible with all Apple devices. The free version is available but supports limited language.


Support 117 languages

Free version available

Multiple features in a single platform

Apple’s Translate

Apple Translate is specially designed for all iOS devices. It offers both features of voice and translations. You can translate in any language. Voice is a good feature in any translator. It reduces time and gives a quick output. You can save your translation in any form.

It works offline in 11 languages. Provide specific language packs. The user interface is simple and easy to use. People also like its features and user-friendly support. Quickly open translate and click on the language box. Click on the download icon to the next language. Best translation app for iPhone offline 2021.


Text and voice translation

Supported all iOS devices

Quickly output

Translate Now – Translator

Translate Now is the best app iOS app. Variety of useful feature available in it. Its supports Light and dark mode features. It also supports voice and text translation. If you add a translation widget, get more features in it. You can use Siri shortcuts to perform translation quickly and fast.

The interface is simple and easy to use. Free from error and bugs. Million people use this app regularly. Camera translation feature also includes in it, which translates text across signboards, menus, etc. The keyboard allows you to write in 60+ languages. Translate include in Offline Translator Apps 2021.


Support 60+ language

Supported camera translation

Use Siri shortcut

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