Best PDF Editing Apps for Android in 2021
By Naveed

Best PDF Editing Apps for Android in 2021

In this post, I explain the best PDF editing app for android in 2021. if you are looking for a pdf editing android app, then this is right for you. Because here, you will see the best pdf editing app, which is useful for you.

Best PDF Editing Apps for Android in 2021

Sometimes you want to edit or share your document in an emergency, and you need a pdf tool. Don’t worry about this. With your Android phone’s help, using the pdf editing app, you can edit your documents. This app allows you to share your documents with your friends and family. 

List of pdf editing apps.

1 ezPDF Reader

2 foxit MobilePDF 

3 Xodo PDF reader and editor 

4 Gaaiho PDF reader 

5 All PDF Reader

6 PDFelement 

Now i will discuss one by one in detail. 

1 ezPDF Reader

A lot of PDF readers are available on the google play store which provides amazing features to editing the document file on your android phone. ezPDF is one of the android apps which you can use for pdf file editing with the help of your android phone.

It allows sharing the file with your friend or family with the facility of editing. At one time, does one user access the pdf file for sharing. Problems will be created if multiple users access the file. There are many features in this app. You can create the animation in your pdf file with the help of the ezPDF reader. 

It is free of cost. If you want to install in your android phone go to the google play store and install it with the help of just one click. 

2 foxit MobilePDF 

Foxit MobilePDF is an amazing features android and desktop application. It helps you to manage your pdf file documents on your android device. In some pdf readers, you can just view the data but in this app, you can view, edit, and share files on different social media platforms for official use. 

It does not just support the android device it also supports the desktop. Mean you can use this app on your computer system. Using this app you can manage every type of data like text file, image file, etc. in starting it was introduced for the android operating system later developer develop its function which supports the Windows operating system. 

If you are interested in using it then you can download it from the google play store and use a different website. It is completely free of cost. I hope you will install it. It is the best PDF reader app for android to viewing documents.

3 Xodo PDF reader and editor

Xodo is one of the most important pdf readers and editors. With the help of this app, you can just not read the data but here you will be able to edit the data in the file. The use of it is very easy and simple. Xodo supports google drive and dropbox.

You can edit the data in different formats like you can edit the image, text, and other types of data.  After making the file result you will get it in a pdf file. It provides amazing features. it allows you to create any type of table or graphic in it.

Using the google play store, you can install this android on your android phone. Xodo pdf reader is free of cost. You can check the positive reviews about this app are available on the google play store. So you can use it without any problem. 

4 Gaaiho PDF reader 

 Gaaiho PDF reader is the best android app used for editing the pdf file. With this pdf reader’s help, you can edit the pdf file and share it with your friend where you want. This pdf reader has amazing features. It provides a suitable environment for reading the document. 

The company which develops this app has a lot of experience in developing the pdf reader software. Many tools are included in this app, which allows you to edit the document. You can mark the special area in the document. More you can edit the image and text file according to your wishes. 

Animation tools support this app. Mostly it gives you an ms office facility like you can draw the line, arrows, and different shapes. It is free of cost. You can download it from the google play store. It is PDF Editing Apps for Android 2021.

5 PDFelement 

PDFelement is a pdf reader with amazing features. it supports both android and ios operating system. Mostly it is best for ios because, on android devices, you can manage the document in the best way. It will not generate the pdf file. When you use this app, you can edit your data and find the pdf file. 

Both version ios and android are free. With this app you can manage your pdf file easily and simply.through this app you can edit your document and share it for your special purpose without your computer system. So if you have no computer then you can share your file using your android device.

You can download the PDFelement from the google play store with an easy method. PDFelement is PDF Editing Apps for Android in 2021.


In this post i explain some amazing android apps which work as pdf reader and editor. You can use these apps for your official work.if you want to edit in a pdf file then you can use adobe pdf reader in your android and ios device. 

All of these above pdf readers are free of cost. Please leave a message for me in chatting after reading this post. Thank you.

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