How to record WhatsApp audio calls Android smartphone 2021
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How to record WhatsApp audio calls Android smartphone 2021

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging apps in the world. It supports free audio and video calls. You can share documents, files, music, stickers, and pictures through this app. It is the biggest source of entertainment—people close to each other through this app. How to record WhatsApp audio calls in 2021 step by step guide help you.

Audio and video quality is impressive. You can use WhatsApp for business purposes or personal use. You can communicate with others through recording.

How to record WhatsApp audio calls Android smartphone 2021

It is very helpful for the business person. Through this app, he can manage meetings, posts, and conversations regularly. Whatsapp doesn’t support the recording feature if you want to record your WhatsApp call following these instructions step by step.

Here I am explaining two different methods of recording. So I explain the first method.

Method 1:

Step 1:

Download and Install a call recorder app on your mobile. It is available on the Google play store. Verify this app link with Google spreadsheet. If you don’t find it in it, you can also record your call using the Cube ACR app.

Step 2:

After complete installation on an android phone, open the app. Follow some instructions to allow it to record your WhatsApp audio calls, which includes your contact permission. You can enable consent for incoming or outgoing calls. Android version 10 or above need to allow app connector permission. Your device restart to allow these settings.

Step 3:

After completing these processes and permission, you can use them. Connect the audio call to anyone or receive any incoming call. Call recorder widget show on your screen. Click on the record option and start recording. You can stop recording at any time.

Step 4:

If you don’t find the recorder option or widget, go to setting and click on the enable option. Select the voice call option in the source setting and enabled it. If the voice call source does not work for recording, change the audio source in-app location. Its functions are simple and easy to use. Every beginner can manage easily.

Step 5:

After complete your WhatsApp audio call, you can access the recording. Go to file manager on your android phone access media. Open the recording folder and listen. Sound quality is the same when you communicate with others. All data store on internal storage. Sure, that record all without any issues.

You can record a video call through a video call recorder. Download and install from the play store and enjoy it. It is the best opportunity for users.

Suppose you are looking to record video calls that you make using your Android phone, irrespective of the app you use to make the video call. In that case, you can use either the built-in screen recording option if that is available on your Android phone, or download a third-party screen recording app for Android from the Google Play Store and use it to record your video calls.

Now I explain the second method to record WhatsApp audio calls.

Method 2:

First step:

Suppose you are talking to someone on WhatsApp. Click on the loudspeaker and start recording with any other device. It is a simple and easy way to record any voice call. You can register without any app. But voice quality is not good because external other voices record with need.

You can use laptop record options for external recording. Open the laptop and click on the voice recording. Start recording the audio call. Its quality is not as good as compared to official apps.

Second Step:

If you don’t have any other device such as a phone or laptop, use apps for recording. Multiple apps are available on the play store to record calls. For normal recording, you can install Record Whatsapp calls app. It is free available on the play store.

Millions of users use this app for audio recording. The graphical user interface is simple and easy to use. Features are more reliable of this app. Whatsapp calls and chat is secure from the encryption method. When you install another app to record calls, the third party can access your data.

           Process ‘Record WhatsApp calls

Download “Record WhatsApp calls” on your Android 

App access to your calls, contacts, storage, microphone, and others. 

Then enable the “Notification” and “Accessibility” sections in the Settings. 

After giving the permissions, the app starts automatically. 

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