6 things Samsung needs to do better in 2021
By Naveed

6 things Samsung needs to do better in 2021

The most popular Samsung phone is coming in 2021 with new features and specifications. Which include the latest technology and hardware modification. Some changes which are necessary for new Samsung phones explain here;

Samsung needs to do better in 2021

More durable glass for folding phones

In the past few months, we that the Galaxy note family is trending in 2020. Its features, functionality, look, the hardware is very attractive. But soon, Samsung announced that the new model is coming into the market. S Pen support android phone introduce in the market.

which includes S21ultra and Galaxy Z, fold models. S pen increases the excitement of the Z Fold. Now Galaxy Note is going to come down. Samsung needs to do better in 2021 which is more suitable for new users.

Using UTG in the new model increases its sensitivity. Because Z Fold can effect with scratch, the company needs to increase the strength of UTG.

Offer Pixel 4a competitor

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE pixel and display quality are good from others. It is a brand cell phone in 2020. its price is $350 in the market, which is considered a high average. Its sound quality and camera system are great. People also buy the phone at an average cost.

It offers great benefits. Smaller size phone attracts peoples. It is available in only one size—Pixel 4a complete iPhone SE. The company should improve pixels in the new model before coming into the market. Its gaming performance increase. Battery performance improves with usage time. Samsung needs to do better in 2021 his camera results.

Bigger focus on (Feasible)

With other improvements, Samsung focus on sostenible. The company introduced a new Samsung as a brand in the market. It will require many modifications as compared to competitors. Increase the struggle to have new products more sustainable.

People like Samsung models its reliable features. The world’s biggest company increase its mobile metrics and energy. I hope Samsung will try to improve features and make user friendly in 2021. Make your supply chain more sustainable.

Ditch curved displays

Samsung has a close relation with curved displays. People also like this phone. But It is considered as a flat model which is affected by sales. Samsung decides to come backside of Note 20 Ultra in drastic curves, making this phone more attractive.

Flat edges increase the look of the phone. It increases User potential. Many customization features include in it. The company makes a more reliable function for users’ attraction.

Three years of updates

The update is the basic factor of any phone. Its performance automatically increases with updating. In the new series, Samsung announced to came many updates. Such as hardware structure, features, themes, and pixel quality improvement. Sound quality great in Samsung models.

Samsung has a less expensive handset on the market. It’s pretty changed technically and more sustainable. New models are best for gaming. Battery duration increase from routine. It is the biggest change in 2021. We are still waiting for new models.

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