The 7 Best Phone Tracker Apps in 2021
By Naveed

The 7 Best Phone Tracker Apps in 2021

If you are looking best phone tracker apps for your Smartphone, you are in the right place. Track the location of your phone or its owner. Most popular apps are listed here. Reliable features and functions support these apps. It is the Best Spy Phone Tracker Apps in 2021. These apps are helpful if you lost your phone or steal your phone. The 7 Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2021 are the following.

The 7 Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2021

Glympse app

Glympse is a free phone tracker app on the play store. It allows you to share location information. Its interface is easy to understand. It tells you the exact location of any place. Use to send an update about gathering. See a map of the area where your friend is held at night. It is a fast and secure app.

It helps to get a location in an emergency. Glympse is free available for android and iOS phones. You can install it now without any cost. Dynamic maps help to share the exact location. It works on GS and data connection. No signup is required to register you.


Share location with a dynamic map

No signup required

Share with anyone

Safe and secure

Life360 app

Life360 app is used to find any location. Its features are safe and secure. With Life360, you can see the real-time site. It tracks anyone with permission or legal way. You can detect specific areas for any person at the office, home, school, and other workplace.

Life360 uses modern tools and GPS for tracking. It offers many other services in a single platform. 2 days of location history save in it. Its premium tools and features support emergency dispatch. In $250 provide stolen phone coverage. The premium, the package offers 30 days of location history. It is simple and easy to use.


Real-time location

2 days of location history

Family safety asset

Unlimited place alerts

Find my APP

Find My APP helps to detect your lost android phone. It is a combination of Find My Friends and Finds My iPhone apps. You can share location with friends, family, friends, and colleagues. You can set a location-based alert any time at any place. 

It is free available on the apps store or play store. It is specially designed for iOS devices. Supported previous time location if the current isn’t available. Play sound if your device is on silent. Allow permission to access contact and find a place that is required.


Find your current location if you steal your phone.

The exact location of your phone tablet on a map

Previous time location avail

User friendly and secure

Find My Phone Whistle

Find my phone whistle is specially designed for android phones or tablets. You can use this app free of cost. It creates sounds if it is available on silent mode. Technology improves with time. Necessary to update yourself according to time. The user interface is simple and easy.

You can get additional features in the premium version. Its starting price is $0.99. It is free of errors and bugs. When you lost your phone, whistle help to find your phone; in this app, phones can also be found by speaking. You can use your voice to find your phone.


Find your phone with voice

Ringing in silent mode

Free available

$0.99 price for starting

Find Lost Phone

Find Lost Phone app help to find the android phone easily. It uses a GPS tracking system to track smartphones. Send command of location from another mobile. If any person changes or closed a sim card, a notification receives you. It is a popular feature of this app.

Many latest features are available in it. Favorite and reminder functions are also included in it. It is free of cost available on the play store. The user interface is simple. People like to install this app if they face any trouble. Its performance is fast as compared to other apps.


Free of cost available

Favorite and reminder function

Notification receives if anyone changes the sim card.

Fast performance

Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is people trusted app. It helps to find your Smartphone is lost. Some advanced features include in the Prey app. Such as alarm, finding a phone, and other settings. Take a picture of your device location. It is a helpful app for every person. Its security and data are safe from unauthorized access.

Above 7 million users choose this app. It is compatible with the Android 9 version. Above 9 versions, some restrictions faced and blocked features. Detect movement and location step by step. You can track battery, hardware, and functions movement. It is very helpful for you. It is the Best Phone Tracker Apps in 2021.


Device location & moments

Data & device security

Free of cost

Ring alarm facility

Find my phone apps from carriers

Carriers help to find your lost phone. It is the most useable app in the US. You can find your phone at any time. It deducts some cost every month for services. It is the best service in the technology world. Find My Phone is simple and easy to use. It is the Best app for beginners. It is based on fast algorithms. Best Phone Tracker Apps in 2021.

Advanced tools and technology used in carriers app. Million of people use this app in trouble. Suppose you lost your phone at any place. Pages app is the best option to solve this problem. Users are more satisfied with their various features. You can use alerts to find your location.


Secure and simple

Accurate result

Easy to use


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