Top 5 Best Photo Scanner apps for android and ios in 2020
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Top 5 Best Photo Scanner apps for android and ios in 2020

If you have lost your image in your android or iPhone and you are worried about this. This post helps you with this problem because I will discuss some android apps that scan your image and documents. Plus, it provides the features to save your photo in backup for the long term. Best photo scanner apps listed here.

Top 5 Best Photo Scanner apps for android and iOS in 2020

Top listed photo scanner applications are explained here. You can download these apps from the google play store and net. Many websites provide these apps. You can find these applications from these websites. This post is better for android and iPhone users.

1 CamScanner 

If you are looking for the best scanner for images and documents, CamScanner is best for android and iphone. With the help of a phone camera, you can scan your photo and documents in this app. It has excellent features like editing images and using a filter, effect, animation in the pictures. 

It also supports the PDF you can make as a PDF document file. This app helps you to share this PDF file with your friends and family. CamScanner saves your document and picture in backup for the long term safely. It is free of cost. 


Here, you can make and share a PDF file

Save data and images for a long period.

Provide security features



2 Photoscan by google photo 

This is one of the best photo scanner apps for android and iphone. With the use of your phone camera, you can scan your image and document and save your data. You can’t take a direct impression on this app. Just check a photo and print.

Crop options can be used in this app. More filter, sticker, rotation features are available here. It is free of cost for Android and iPhone users. With the help of the google play store, you can download this application without paying any fee. 


Amazing features are available such as crop, rotation, etc.

Free of cost and simple to use 

Not required specific knowledge for it 


Free of cost 

3 Photo Scanner plus iPhone  

If you want to use the easiest scanner plus iPhone for your image and document, then a Photo scanner is best for you. It can scan your picture and document it professionally. In this app, you can browse images and share them with other people. 

It is easy to use. The excellent feature of this application is you can scan multiple images or documents at the same time. It can detect the picture’s boundaries automatically. Many other parts are available in this app, like rotation option, sideway, crop, etc.

Photo scanner available on the google play store. You can download it from here. It is free of cost for Android and iPhone users. It provides the best security for the user.


It has wonderful security for the user.

You can manage multiple images with one click in this app.

Free of cost

Used for professional work 



4 Pic Scanner 

Suppose you have an old pic or document and want to scan it. Don’t worry about this. With the help of Pic Scanner, you can check the old pictures. Here you can review unlimited images. Filter, sticker, edit option, and animation user can be used here.

More caption sections available in this application. If you want to add the date, place, time in your picture, you do it. Pic scanner helps you to save your image, and you want to share different social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Download it from the google play store for free and enjoy it. 

There you will not face any security issues in this app. Download it without any hesitation.


Scan old image to convert fresh pic 

Caption section available according to you can set date, time, and place 

No security issue 

Free of cost 



5 Old photo scanner android 

If you have a printed image and want to scan it, you should use an old photo scanner android. In this app, you will quickly watch your appearance. Among features included in this application like a filter, sticker, edit, and crop.

With the help of this, apple can create unlimited albums in this app and save their photo on an android device. If you want to share your picture on social media, you should use sharing, which I explained in my last post. It is a disadvantage of this app.

As this app shows itself, it is mostly used for old images. If you have a data package, you can download it from the google play store for free. I hope you will enjoy it. It is the best photo scanner apps.


Used for the old printed image 

You can create an unlimited album in this app

Filter, sticker, and edit section included in this app




This post is related to the scanner app for android devices and the iPhone. If you want to scan your old, fresh, printed, and soft pic, then it is best for you. Here I explain some android and iPhone which help you to scan your photo and document.

Some apps convert your printed data into a PDF file to share your pictures with the help of these pictures. It is also Top 5 Best Photo Scanner apps for android and iOS in 2021.

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