WhatsApp alternatives apps that you can use in 2021
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WhatsApp alternatives apps that you can use in 2021

WhatsApp data privacy issue is trending these days. WhatsApp alternatives apps are necessary to secure your private information. Privacy update is the biggest issue because your data steal not only facebook; other companies can access your private data. Whatsapp’s new data policy raises many issues. Majority of users angry with WhatsApp. These are the secure chat apps to download now that protect your chat.

WhatsApp alternatives apps that you can use in 2021

Here is a look at some of the alternatives to WhatsApp that are out there. 5 trustworthy messaging alternatives apps WhatsApp. These are the best chat apps for android and iOS in 2021. Alternative chat apps help to secure your information. Top 5 WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021 are the following.


The signal is a free messaging service. All messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. Third-party does not include access to your data. Advanced encryption techniques are used to secure your data.

It is the most secure app as compared to other messaging apps. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Best Whatsapp alternative apps you can use in 2021.


End-to-end encryption

Open-source encryption

Available on all major platforms

Disappearing messages

The user interface is simple.


Telegram is a popular alternative to WhatsApp. Its functions and features are the same as WhatsApp. These days telegram has become the most popular platform. It is a cloud-based instant messaging app.

Chat is secure with end to end encryption method. A popular feature is a secret chat of telegram. Advanced level security is used to secure your information. It is very hard to crack or steal your data.

Third-party cannot listen to your calls or access your chat. It also supports multimedia file sharing. 200 million active users on telegram.


Open-source software

User-friendly platform

Cloud-based, so you never lose your material.

Advanced encryption techniques are used.

Support multimedia file sharing


Threema is a secure and popular app. It is protected from unauthorized access. Your chat and contact list are safe. The message is deleted when they deliver. It promises to protect your privacy.

It provides end-to-end encryption for all message types, voice calls, and group chats. Not include the third party to access your data. Strictly implement privacy laws in Threema. It uses the trusted open source NaCl cryptography library for encryption.


Write text and send voice messages.

Make voice and video calls.

Share videos, pictures, and locations

No need for a phone number

Contacts can verify with QR codes.

Text formatting features

Password protect your chats.


Viber is a more popular app that telegram. IT is a free app. Millions of users use this app for a different purpose. It is a secure and simple app. Mostly it is used in certain regions like Europe and the MENA region.

End-to-end encryption implement in it. Third-party can not access your information. You can use it for free international calls, use video calling, open a group chat, and so much more, which include great features. It is a user-friendly app.


Send messages. Send texts, photos, videos, or files.

Make Voice and Video Calls

Start Group Chats and Calls. …

Join Communities

The advanced encryption method used in it


The wire is a secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption. It protects your data from third parties. Wire offers free personal accounts: supports multimedia file sharing and filtering.

It is the best chat app for android and iOS in 2021. The app is similar to WhatsApp for android. Wire is include in WhatsApp alternatives apps.


Secure chats

Quickly messages

Ability to use 8 devices simultaneously

Advanced encryption

Easy to use

Simple interface

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